Starbucks is in the midst of an interesting test in some of their Phoenix and Tucson area stores.  Some stores are offering both the La Boulange loaf and the pre-La-Boulange version of the lemon loaf side by side.  As I understand it, this small lemon loaf test is to figure out which one has the greater customer demand.  So, which one do you like better?  I just thought this was interesting and would share it here.  Every time I write about tests at Starbucks, I include the warning that Starbucks tests many more things than what actually makes it to a national launch.  You can browse some of the other test food and beverage items covered on this website by clicking here.

image-8 Lemon Loaf Starbucks January 2014image-7 Lemon Loaf - Phoenix Arizona - January 2014On the topic of tests, I am hoping someone reading this would email me about some of the current beverage tests happening at Starbucks.  If you’re in a store testing the Tiramisu Latte, I’d love it if you’d email me!  Thank you!