Scarves up! Starbucks will soon be offering a limited Sounders FC card just in time for the start of major league soccer. The Sounders card will be available at company-operated Starbucks locations in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties of Western Washington beginning March 4, 2014. As always, you can load money onto the card and use it for your MyStarbucksRewards perks.

DSC00604 Sounders CardAs I have mentioned before on this site, you are not tied to using your gold card (or any other Starbucks card) for your rewards benefits. You can register many cards to your profile, and all your rewards are associated with your profile at not the physical card itself.

This Sounders card is great! If you’re a card collector or a soccer fan, I think you’ll like this card.

Starbucks has offered so many interesting cards over the years. About one year ago, there was a birch wood card. I’ve always thought it fun when Starbucks bases cards on real stores, as was the case with the City Nights Starbucks card, based on First and Pike Starbucks. I still use my Evolution Fresh Starbucks card often too (the only Starbucks card that does not actually say Starbucks anywhere on it.) There is also a Teavana Starbucks card too. And years ago, there was a Starbucks card based upon the First and Battery Starbucks store. In September 2013, Starbucks offered its first Seahawks card:

DSC00607 Seahawks CardWhat’s your favorite Starbucks card in your wallet? 😉