Melody’s steel Starbucks Card

Yesterday, I arrived home from work to find a package from with my stainless steel Starbucks card.  I ripped open the package, and immediately admired the card.  I have to admit, I’m happy that I splurged on it!  It IS very pretty.  I just want to share a photo of it.  Here’s what it looks like:

Did anyone reading this get one?

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  • purple1

    Looks nice Melody happy holidays to you! Did not buy one. Curious so now that you have one after you use the loaded amount on the card will you put it aside or add more money to this card? Is it heavy?

  • Earl

    Happy Holidays, Melody! I’m glad you got one!

  • Lisa DiJoseph

    How did you order it??

  • Melody

    Thank you Earl and Purple1!
    Hi Lisa! Welcome! This card was only available through –

    ^ It was available early to existing card holders one day only, and the next day, available to the public. Starbucks only made 5,000 of the cards, and I’ve seen rumors that say on the day it become availabl to the public, it sold out in five minutes! (Don’t know if that’s true) There are about 6million card holders, tons of collectors of Starbucks cards, and out of the 6 million card holders, about half are gold – There’s no doubt, Starbucks underestimated its popularity!

    At this point, you have to go to eBay to find one. :(

  • Jennifer-Marie

    Oh, I am a bit jealous right now, while it seems extravagant at first I honestly spend that much in a few months time anyhow so I want to splurge on it myself but will have to wait until Feb. hopefully Gilt will still have some. I think it would be nice to have a small elite group with this shiny new card for hardcore Starbucks lovers like ourselves.

  • Melody

    Hi Jennifer-Marie! Welcome to my little blog! I’m sorry but is sold out of these. The best I can suggest is that you try eBay. I hope you get one!

    Hope you’ll “like” the blog’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already. Thanks!

  • Rachel {at} It's a Hero

    SO jealous! I had one in my shopping cart on Gilt, but then had to “think about it” and when I came back, they were sold out. SO bummed!

  • Amy in Boston

    Merry Christmas to you Mel! I didn’t get one but I’m glad you got the opportunity to get one.

  • starbuckseditor

    Yes! SOOOO happy to have bought mine!
    I know of several people who bought more than one.
    All Starbucks Card collectors.
    The card weighs one full ounce.
    Doesn’t sound like much, but it takes 10 regular Starbucks cards to be equal in weight.
    Interesting little fact!

  • Arnold

    ..but of course I did.. glad you got yours.

  • AmazonV

    I am glad you have it :)
    I couldn’t see spending 50$ on a card, besides i have an awesome set of cards that start conversations currently :)
    Happy Holidays.

  • Kurt

    Loyal readers of your blog of course knew when it was going on sale. I checked in late that afternoon (first day they were on sale) and they still had them available for purchase. I do not believe they sold out right away. I just was not sure how long it would take me to spend the $400 on it, so I passed.

  • Arnold

    The cards were sold out before the sale to the general public. you could only buy them on the thursday if you had received an invite from Starbucks OR you followed my magic instructions :)

  • Phil

    I was SO excited to see that package had arrived yesterday! It is a very cool card. They are selling for a premium on ebay. If only I had bought extras… The baristas at my favorite starbucks know I collect starbucks cards. Told them I would bring it in once I received it. Brought it in this morning and they thought it was the coolest!

  • Caroline

    iI am happy for you, must be nice. I wish I had money to treat myself. Enjoy

  • Melody

    @Caroline – Some have large car payments (and then expensive insurance to go with it!). Some buy fancy clothes and designer jeans. Lots of women spend plenty treating themselves to manicures and pedicures and salon visits. And lots of people collect a variety of things – Hummels, glassy babys, trinkets, etc. For many, it’s amazing on what they spend on cigarettes and alcohol. At the end of the day, for a large number of people (certainly not all), it’s just a choice – car payment or Starbucks card? For me, I’d pick the Starbucks card. Reasonable minds may differ, and everyone’s circumstances is unique.

  • LatteRose

    So I had to go check in on eBay – at the moment, there are almost 20 cards at auction with bids over $600!

  • chase jaynes

    Awesome Melody! I got one, myself, but my dilemma is I “collect” the cards so to use / carry it would probably ruin the look of the card, but its such a fun card I want to use it. Ultimately it will probably just live with my starbucks collection of junk, while the bulk of the $400 is already on my registered iphone card!

  • Melody

    @Chase – I transferred the $400 right away! I haven’t really figured out whether I’ll use it or “collect” it. I have the same dilemma as one. I saw one tweet this afternoon in my stream of a person complaining that she’s already scratched her card from use/register swipes. I definitely wonder about that! I don’t know if that is a fluke, or if there is more to the story, or what.

  • Arnold

    If it were me, I would ask the Barista to manually enter the number every time for just that reason – to avoid scratching the card. I can’t seen any of them not complying given the special nature of this card.

  • theatrenut

    Sorry to add a non-steel question … has anyone seen their Birthday Reward on their phone app reporting? Online, I see one Earned Reward and one Birthday Reward – on the Android app, I only see one Earned Free Reward Available.

  • Melody

    @Theatrenut – I always trust the website first. The emails I get almost seem delayed. And for a long while, the Android app wouldn’t even give my rewards. So, I’ve learned to only trust the website. I bet if you went to the store, you could tell them you want to use a birthday reward. And by the way, Happy Birthday! :)

  • Amanda

    Beautiful card! My husband wouldn’t let me get it, but he’s still dealing with my whole SB addiction, so I’ll let it pass. :)

    BTW, completely off topic. I had to share what happened to me the other day. I used to save my free drink postcards for when I really needed a venti, since my usual drink is a grande. Sometimes they would expire, but my baristas always let me use them without any problems. I had 3 left, and then didn’t make it to SB for 3 months thanks to morning sickness. (I completely missed treat receipt time, which, next to Christmas, is my most favorite time of the year) While I was on hiatus, they went all electronic and now my 3 remaining postcards were useless as the baristas had no way of ringing them up. So about 3 weeks ago, I decided it would be worth a shot and I sent my 3 postcards to SB, along with a letter explaining my situation. And, lo and behold, yesterday I got an email from Customer Service telling me they placed 3 reward drinks in my account! It totally made my day and I am thrilled!

    Just had to share. :)

  • theatrenut

    Thanks. And now my phone app says I have no rewards! As long as it’s correct online, I’m counting on them being available at the register.

  • Kenneth

    I received this card in the mail too, it’s still inside the envelope. Don’t want to ruin it.

    What if you misplace the card? Will Starbucks replace it with another steel card? I somehow misplaced my 2002 Starbucks card and the replacement card was different.

  • starbuckseditor

    @ Kenneth> I heard that they will replace the balance that gets lost if it is registered, but they will not replace the steel card.

  • Melody

    @Kenneth – My understanding is the same as StarbucksEditor’s – The balance on a registered card can be transferred to a new card (I think that’s one reason there is a limit on how much you can put on a card), but the card itself won’t be replaced by Starbucks.

  • Kenneth

    Thanks for the info, I better keep it in a safe place. 😉

  • Smitty Boy

    When are the gold privileges suppose to kick in? I thought that the metal card was automatically gold?

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