a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope this works. It’s my first experiment with Rafflecopter. To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment below. Your comment can be anything Starbucks related. Also click through and view the book that I recently published. (Here is the link to view Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody on Amazon.com – the paperback is only $9.99 and even less if you have Amazon prime.) Both Kindle versions and paperback versions are available via Amazon.com.

I really have done A TON of giveaways on this blog over the past five years, and usually what I do is manually write everyone’s name on a small card and pick one person’s name out of a Starbucks bag. I’m a little bit worried if I’m using Rafflecopter correctly. If you want to enter this giveaway do all of the following: Write one comment below. Do not write more than one comment. Say anything related to Starbucks. You could mention your favorite drink or food or whatever you like. Instead of writing something about Starbucks, you could mention if you’ve actually read my book and if there was anything in particular that struck you. Click through and check out my new book! I’ll be pretty blunt – It’s not required that you actually buy the book, but I thought there may be plenty of people who will be enticed by Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody. Mentioned that you viewed the book. You can write something as simple as “I clicked through!” or “I saw your book on Amazon.”

Use the Rafflecopter widget to get in your entry. I’m going to let it pick a winner for me! (In case I haven’t been clear, I’ll re-mention it here. Last time I did a giveaway, I was very strict about the form of the comment. This time, I’m not. This is very free-form commenting and very forgiving about the comments. Since I’m letting Rafflecopter do the choosing of a winner, I’m not being picky about the comments – but I love reading your comments! 🙂 But it is Rafflecopter, and not the fact of your comment that gets you entered.)

On the topic of Tales of the Siren, it’s been out about two weeks. I’m starting to hear wonderful feedback from those who have already read it. It’s intended as a fun and uplifting, easy read about Starbucks. This book takes a unique look at Starbucks by putting a spotlight on how Starbucks is different than other Fortune 500 companies. In this book, you will see examples of their blogger/ customer out reach (read the chapter on Blonde Roast), examples of how even top leadership like Cliff Burrows (President of Starbucks Americas, EMEA, and Teavana) gets involved in community service and will pick up litter and plant tree seedlings, and examples of friendships made along the way.

If you’ve been thinking about buying Tales of the Siren, I hope you’ll do so now and tell others about it. I’m doing all of my own publicity, so this means I am counting on word of mouth excitement.

Make sure you enter the giveaway before Rafflecopter says the giveaway has ended. And you have to be over 18 years old to play. I’ll mail a loaded Starbucks card anywhere – I’ll even put it on an Evolution Fresh card if you like so you have one for your collection. However, I do not accept responsibility for your ability to actually use the card. Not all Starbucks markets (especially true of some foreign Starbucks markets) have and use Starbucks cards.

As always, I delete personal attacks and comments that are just hostile and nasty.

I hope this works.