2 - 1 - IMAG0728 patio seating tustin and chapmanThere’s a cute, new (opened January 10, 2014) pre-fab design Starbucks in Orange, California. It’s on the corner of Tustin Avenue and Chapman Boulevard. The address is 1630 East Chapman Blvd., and the phone number is 714 – 289 – 3682. This is one of a few stores in the company that are made of pre-fab construction though not made from shipping containers. This blog article here has pictures of the pre-fab construction drive thru in Tacoma, Washington.

The store manager, Lisa, is a ten-year Starbucks partner. She is terrific. Be sure to say hello to her when you drop by! She has such incredible passion for all things Starbucks. I had a couple of minutes to talk to her and told me that she started her career as a barista at the Euclid and Crescent Starbucks (Anaheim) and two weeks into it, she knew that “this was it.” One day, as a customer was leaving, he yelled out to her “thank you.” As a two-week partner she wondered, “What did I do? I was just doing my job.” And she saw how the customer’s day had been brightened by a trip to Starbucks, and she was part of that experience. Lisa said she knew then she was going to make Starbucks a career. Her ten year anniversary was March 12, 2014. Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa’s favorite coffee is Espresso Roast. She says she loves it as a drip or as a shot (I’m in agreement – Espresso Roast makes a fine drip coffee). And her favorite beverage is an iced Venti six shot Americano.

She posed for a photo in front of the walk-up window at her Starbucks. It’s kind of a funny picture. If you look very closely, you can see through the window the face of a barista inside who has a look on his face like, “What’s going on out there?”

2 - 1- IMAG0138 store manager Lisa Tustin and Chapman

I like the cute little wood fence that runs around the perimeter of the store. And I like that there’s a patio seating area. She says her partners will honor the refill policy for patio guests.

I know I mentioned the location already, but once again, this is Starbucks store number 20402, 1630 East Chapman Boulevard, in Orange, California.

Hope you get the chance to visit this store!

2 - 1 - IMAG0133 front of the tustin and chapman starbucks2 - 1- IMAG0734 walk up window tustin and chapman2 - 1- IMAG0121 patio area tustin and chapman starbucks2 - 1 - IMAG0726 Tustin and Chapman Starbucks2 - 1 - IMAG0122 Inside Tustin and Chapman Starbucks