PhotoGrid_1410025496914 Bainbridge Island StarbucksBainbridge Island now has its first company-operated Starbucks. The grand opening was Friday, September 5, 2014. This is truly an incredible store. There are large community tables made with wood reclaimed from Bainbridge Island. There’s a fireplace with comfy seating. The store offers one-of-a-kind for-here ware designed just for this store. You can get a latte with a shot of “Bainbridge Island Blend” coffee.

Look at the fabulous for-here mugs with an image of Commodore William Bainbridge on it:

IMAG2218 Bainbridge Island Mugs 6 Sept 2014Right now, these mugs are just used as for-here ware, but my understanding is that eventually they’ll be for sale.

You can order Clover-brewed Reserve coffee and Starbucks barista Jocelyn will give it to you while making adorable faces at the same time!

IMAG2241 Barista Jocelyn Will Gladly Give You Your Drink in a Bainbridge Island Mug 6Sep14Bainbridge Island Blend, exclusive to this store, is available in half-pound bags or as a shot of espresso for your latte:

IMAG2203 Bainbridge Island Blend Coffee - 6 September 2014Take a look at how beautiful this store is!

IMAG2208 You can get Bainbridge Island blend in your latte 6 Sept 2014IMAG2206 Clover - Reserve area - Bainbridge Island Starbucks 6 Sept 2014IMAG2221 Bainbridge Island Starbucks facing the chill wall 6 Sep 14IMAG2201 Bainbridge Island Starbucks near the fireplace seatingIMAG2197 Bainbridge Island StarbucksIMAG2196 Lights at Bainbridge Island Starbucks 6 Sept 2014IMAG2195 Interior Bainbridge 6Sept2014IMAG2212 Starbucks on Bainbridge Island 6 Sept 2014






The Bainbridge Island Starbucks is located at 323 High School Road NE, on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The phone number is 206 – 842 – 5463.

The official grand opening celebration day is Saturday the 13th from 8:00 AM to about 2:00 PM. I’m not totally sure what the festivities will include, but I’ll be there in the morning. Hope to see you there!

Hope you enjoy your visit to this store!

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