The big Starbucks Android phone app makeover is here! I’m a hard core Android phone user, so I was pretty excited to download the new version of the Starbucks app.

You can now tip your baristas from your Android phone, shake to pay, and the store locator feature looks much better than before.

First find yourself a Starbucks store. The address at the bottom of the store screen is the one that is very closest to you. It seems to be incredibly accurate. Even if you’re in a sea of Starbucks, it knows right where you’re standing: (Sure enough, I’m the blue dot on the screen and the green dots are open Starbucks stores near me).

STORES Stores near me - 18 Sept 14

I don’t know if you remember the previous store locator on the Android app, but this one looks nicer! I like the display of the closest store address to.

I paid with my physical Starbucks card during my morning Starbucks run, but tonight I wanted to explore paying by my phone. I ran into the Westlake Starbucks and ordered a beverage. They delivered a perfect drink:

IMAG2527 copyYou can easily see your cards on the app, the balance is obvious: (That screen cap is from this morning, before stopping by the Evolution Fresh store).

CARDS - My card and balanceI paid with my phone this evening, when visiting the Westlake Starbucks. You can shake your phone or click a button that says “pay” and a screen with a bar code will appear.

I really wanted to see how the tipping worked. I pretty quickly figured out which button to press to leave a digital tip, but I think it could be easy to miss. After you pay for your purchase, and your balance refreshes, a barista-looking icon appears. It’s pretty small, so I could have missed it. I want to really point that icon out:

TIPPING ICONOnce you click on that icon, the tipping options show up:

TIPPINGYour transaction history is a little easier to read too:

TRANSACTION HISTORY - 18Sept14There is still a rewards overview screen. If you click on the tabs “Welcome,” “Green” and “Gold” (not shown here) you can learn a little information about the rewards:

REWARDS - Rewards overview screenHope you enjoyed this look at the new Android app! I uninstalled my old app and installed the new one. If you’re an Android phone user, download the new app! (And be sure to tip your baristas!)