Legion of Brew:

I was waiting for my beverage at Starbucks this afternoon, and noticed these great t-shirts, which were given to area 10 partners:

2 - 1 - Instagram Legion of brew2Obviously, it’s a play on words for the Legion of Boom, the nickname for the Seahawks’ cornerbacks and safeties. Thirty Starbucks stores offer special Seahawks content through the Seahawks mobile app. Since I don’t use an iPhone, I haven’t see the special content. I snapped this picture at the  University Village Starbucks.

Iced Teavana Peach Tranquility/Youthberry with Lemonade, and a toasted turkey and Havarti sandwich:

I was skimming through an unofficial Facebook Starbucks group and saw this photo:

2 - 1 - Turkey Harvarti and Youthberry LemonadeThis made me so hungry! It’s a great example of how your barista can come up with great lunch ideas. The Turkey and Havarti sandwich was toasted on the grilled cheese setting. The drink uses both the new Teavana Youthberry and Peach Tranquility, iced, with lemonade. (I don’t know how this would be charged, but I think it should be possible to order this drink). Even before seeing this photo, I’d seen Facebook status updates saying that an iced Youthberry Tea Lemonade is delicious. I tried this, though I was at a Teavana concept store when I tried iced Youthberry Lemonade, and so it’s not quite like the Starbucks version. The Teavana concept stores use Evolution Fresh lemonade.

And doesn’t this photo make you want a Turkey and Havarti and iced Peach Tranquility with Youthberry and lemonade? Looks delicious. Just want to throw out a great lunch idea.