2 - 1 - IMG_1606 Tiramisu and Flan syrup bottlesBeginning February 17, 2015, you’ll find some new things awaiting you at Starbucks. A new drink, the Tiramisu Latte, is here along with a returning drink from one year ago, the Caramel Flan latte. Roughly one year ago, in St. Louis and Jacksonville, the Tiramisu latte was a test item – it must’ve done well because now it is a national item! Coconut milk is officially new and available for your latte.

I’ve tried the Tiramisu Latte and reminds a little bit between a cross between Gingerbread and Irish Cream flavors, but leaning more towards Irish Cream. I think Starbucks fans will love it!

Also new starting the 17th, there is a chocolate caramel muffin and a double-smoked bacon, egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich. The chocolate caramel muffin is way too rich for me. That, I will not be ordering. That’s a rich dessert. The double-smoked bacon sandwich is delicious, but also a heavy item. It comes on a croissant bun, which makes it a little heavier. I’d enjoy this one if I were especially hungry.

Have you tried the new drink. How do you like the Tiramisu Latte?

Looking forward to your reviews of the new items in the comments below.

2 - 1 - IMAG5367 tiramisu latte 16Feb152 - 1- DSC01661 double smoked bacon cheddar and egg