You may have noticed something new at Starbucks: Salami and cheese:

20161011_090537[1] salami and cheese at 7th and Pike

Things come and go very quickly from the cold case at Starbucks but I hope this one sticks around for a while. I decided to try it with a glass of red wine at my neighborhood Evening Starbucks:

20161016_143522 salami and cheese and wine at 7th and pike

If I had gone between 4 and 7 PM, my wine would have been a better deal! In any case, this was delicious to snack on. I asked my barista Diane about whether she likes the cheese and salami plate, she told me she loves it on a bagel. I was curious. She explained to me that she likes a multigrain bagel toasted, add the new avocado spread, and top with salami and cheese:

20161016_145553 salami and cheese multi grain bagel avocado spread

20161016_145835 salami cheese bagel with avocado

20161016_145934 the salami and cheese bagel

I ate it like an open-faced sandwich. It’s a very good thing that I walked into that Starbucks super hungry, because I left stuffed, having tried the salami and cheese alone and on a bagel.

And this is my current favorite Starbucks food hack for you: toasted multigrain bagel, with avocado spread, topped with salami and cheese. Don’t forget you can use a reward on the salami and cheese back.

There you have it. I hope you try it!