_MG_9431This weekend (February 21st – 22nd 2015) Starbucks customers can try a Starbucks Reserve coffee for the price of a regular drip coffee. It’s a free upgrade! Starbucks announced, “Customers will also be able to try Reserve® coffee by upgrading their brewed coffee to Reserve from February 21-22.”

If it were me, I’d order like this, “I”d like a tall Pike Place Roast, but please upgrade it to a tall Clover-brewed Ethiopia Konga.” I’ve heard it said that there are now about 1,100 Starbucks stores worldwide offering Reserve coffees with a Clover brewer, with the majority of them in the United States. This promotion is for U.S. Starbucks customers. (I have email out to a Starbucks headquarters contact to verify if it is just the US, or US and Canada, but my gut says just US.)

Untitled upgrade

You can also subscribe to Reserve Coffees roasted at the Starbucks Roastery. Have them delivered right to you!

The official newsroom announcement of both the free coffee upgrade and new Reserve subscription option is here.


Sam's Club Tumbler - Untitled $150 tumblerIn a completely separate topic, a regular reader of this site sent me a curious link: You can buy a Starbucks tumbler which acts as a Starbucks card, via the Sam’s Club website. It appears to be a made-in-the-USA tumbler, pre-loaded with $150 on it, and oddly, it appears to be priced at $139.98.

On MyStarbucksIdea.com, one idea suggested this kind of tumbler, and even suggested that using it automatically should trigger the the ten cent cup discount! When you are using your own personal cup, mug, or tumbler, the barista should include a ten cent discount on your purchase.



Enjoy your Reserve coffee this weekend! And bring in your own, cup, mug, or tumbler to save ten cents (and save a cup from going to a landfill) on your purchase!