Last October, I wrote about Starbucks testing a new chai latte recipe in select stores: “The Teavana Custom Chai Test.”

A number of my readers were extremely interested in this test. The stores that offer the “Custom Chai” don’t offer the standard Starbucks chai syrup, which originally was a Tazo brand, and came lightly pre-sweetened.

Eventually, I had readers asking me about a follow up article. Recently I learned that the Custom Chai Test is still ongoing, and entered into a new phase beginning February 16, 2016. One reader sent in pictures of what his store’s Teavana Chai signs look like:

1 - 1 - 20160131_150631 teavana card

1 - 1 - image caramel chai teavana test

I haven’t tried the new recipe Teavana chai being tested right now. My understanding is that the test version of the chai syrup doesn’t come pre-sweetened, so baristas have to add classic syrup or some other sweetener available in the store to make it taste sweet.

I reached out to Starbucks media relations and got this information from them:

In select stores in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Denver, we are offering a customizable chai that allows customers to adjust the level of sweetness and spice based on their preference. We are also testing two new flavor options in these markets– Caramel Chai and Vanilla Spice Chai. These beverages became available starting 2/16.

^ Thank you Alisa C. in Starbucks media relations.

That’s about all I know. I would love to be able to try the new and old recipe versions of the Teavana chai side by side, but that’s not a realistic idea: the test markets only have the new recipe chai, and I don’t have any immediate plans to travel to any of the test regions for the new chai latte test.

So the upshot is that the Teavana Custom Chai Tea Latte is still in testing. Maybe we’ll see it everywhere someday!