On Monday, March 7, 2015, Starbucks will be offering MyStarbucksRewards members half off your  handcrafted Blended Frappuccino purchase from 2:00 PM to close*.  You don’t need to have a gold card, just pay with any registered Starbucks card or your Starbucks mobile phone app.

I’m going to give you my pick for a great Frappuccino to order: Try this – Order a Coffee Frappuccino and ask for a shot of espresso layered over the top. It should look pretty much like this:

2 - 1 - 20160227_090350 coffee frappuccino with a shot of espresso


2 - 1 - 20160227_090356 coffee FrappuccinoAhhh the simplicity of a great coffee flavored Frappuccino! There’s no need for any syrups or whipped cream. This is Melody’s pick for ordering a fabulous Frappuccino!

If you want other ideas for creative Frappuccinos, check out the Frappuccino category on StarbucksMelody.com. (Keep in mind, Starbucks syrups and other offerings change over time. Not all the recipes listed in old StarbucksMelody articles will necessarily still be available today. If you have a great idea for a Frappuccino, let me know! You can always use the Submit a Pic button. Or be a guest blogger on StarbucksMelody.com.)

Your “Happy Monday” promotions are as follows: (All of these are from 2:00 PM to close).

3/7/16 – Enjoy half off any blended handcrafted Frappuccino. (The bottled Frappuccinos inside the stores are not part of the promo.)

3/14/16 – Enjoy half off any food item, including packaged food, with the purchase of any handcrafted beverage.

3/21/16 – Earn 3 bonus stars on your mobile order and pay purchase (in stores with mobile order)

3/28/16 – Spend $10 and earn 5 bonus stars.

Mark your calendars now! Enjoy!

(I know I said this above but this is important and can cause confusion: This is for all My Starbucks Rewards Members: just use your registered Starbucks card (loaded with money on it, of course) to pay for your purchase at the register. You can be at any rewards level – there is no requirement to be at the “gold” level of rewards or use a gold card.)



* Limited to participating Starbucks locations. All company-operated U.S. stores participate, but licensed Starbucks locations may not be participating locations.