coffee-alphabetOne thing about this little blog is that I get plenty of emails which essentially say something like, ‘share our content on your blog…‘.

Generally speaking, I click delete on these kind of emails, time after time, without even replying.

Today I received an email that said “We’ve just published an infographic that I thought you, as coffee scene influencer, might wanna check.”

Indeed I was curious. It’s an infographic of coffee and the alphabet! It appears that the source is a British coffee roasting called

While I definitely don’t make it a habit to pass along other coffee roaster’s information, I did enjoy this coffee alphabet infographic. Too bad Starbucks didn’t send me one made by them for me to share.  😉

You could have things like, V is for Veranda Blend and P is for Pantheon Blend, if you, hypothetically, had a Starbucks version of this infographic.

There are one or two coffee terms on this inforgraphic that I’m not familiar with. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase “quakers” before, as it relates to defective coffee that fails to roast properly. Did you know all these coffee words?

Well, without further ado, enjoy this Coffee Alphabet Infographic.