Ethiopia Mocca Java 2Beginning Tuesday, May 3, 2016, select Starbucks locations will offer a very special coffee: Ethiopia Mocca Java. It will be available as a whole bean coffee in 8-ounce bags and brewed as the dark roast offering. The select Starbucks locations will be in coffee-forward regions: the Pacific Northwest, Chicago, and Northern California. You’ll only find this special coffee in these regions!

This beautiful coffee has flavor notes of chocolate, berry, and roasty sweetness. As soon as I got a bag, I opened it up and gave it a big smell! I got a lot of berry notes! I’ve been enjoying this coffee as I write this. It’s super smooth, dark, and flavorful. This Ethiopia Mocca Java is a nod to the classic Sanani and Arabian Mocha Java coffees that date back to the summer of 1971, when Starbucks was just a few months old. Mocha was an old seaport in Yemen, and the original Mocha Java coffees were blends that included coffees from Yemen with East or West Java-grown coffees, all roasted together to perfection. (I recognized that some partners will tell you 1972 as the first year for Mocha Java, but that doesn’t appear to be in keeping with my research in the link above).

This new re-inspired coffee includes a naturally-processed Ethiopia coffee giving it a lot of deep berry notes, replacing any Yemen-grown natural processed coffees, and a semi-washed West Java coffee, giving it a silky, chocolately mouth-feel. (It may use something like this West Java Preanger here.) This coffee is roasted to a classic Starbucks dark roast, fully developing lots of natural sweetness that happens during the roasting process. As a coffee is roasting, the heat causes starches in the coffee to turn into sugars, which is a process known as “pyrolysis.”

Coffee is my first love. I guarantee you, I’ll be drinking lots of this wonderful coffee. Enjoy this coffee hot! This one isn’t really developed to be an iced coffee.

I hope you get your hands on this new Ethiopia Mocca Java. Remember it will only be offered at select Starbucks locations in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and Chicago.

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