Starting today, November 10, 2016, you can buy Roastery holiday merchandise. This year there is an assortment of gifts, big and small, perfect for the true Starbucks, Roastery or coffee fan.

One thing that grabbed my attention was the Roastery ornaments. I saw them and thought, ‘Why in the world didn’t the Roastery do this sooner?’. These are cute little ornaments, exclusive to the Roastery, at $16.95 each:

20161110_194339 roastery storefront ornament

That Roastery storefront ornament is just great. It’s an elegant, fun collectible ornament!

20161110_194304 siren ornament

There are 3 Roastery-exclusive ornaments. In addition to the Roastery storefront, there is a Siren, and a Roastery Hardmill apron:

20161110_194333 hardmill apron ornament

The Roastery has a fun set of enamel pins:

20161110_194403 Roastery enamel pin setTake a look at more fun and new Roastery merchandise. I like the t-shirts, which are made by Palmer Cash, a small Idaho company:

20161110_073213 25th Anniversary Siren t-shirt

20161110_073101 t-shirts 25th anniversary siren palmer cash roastery

20161110_073104 siren t-shirts by palmer cash

20161110_194649 siren puzzle

20161110_194559 Roastery puzzle of reserve tasting cards

20161110_194548 Reserve Tasting Card Puzzle

The idea of Roastery-themed puzzles is pretty clever too. In case you don’t recognize the Reserve tasting card featured above (a tiny part of that puzzle), take a look here.

Like last year, there is an assortment of just unique gifts that don’t necessarily have any Roastery thematic elements:

20161110_073303 more roastery gifts

What do you think of the Roastery gifts this year?