Starbucks for Life is back! Start playing now to win Starbucks for Life! December 6, 2016 – January 16, 2017.

The Starbucks game, “Starbucks for Life” is back. The basic format of the game is similar to previous versions.

Here’s the link to the game:

Starbucks for Life

The Basic Plays:

The basic idea is simply that you make a purchase with your registered Starbucks card, and earn a game play. You earn one game play per purchase, up to a maximum of two game plays per day earned via purchases at Starbucks. You can also follow a link on the Starbucks for Life website and request a game play without a purchase.

Whether you make two purchases, or request two free game plays (or one free game play plus one purchase), the general rule is that you get two game plays per day.

Here’s what it looks like when you have a game piece to open:

Screenshot_20161206-051538 game plays


Your game board is similar to past version’s of this game. You’re trying to collect 3 like-pieces in a row:

Screenshot_20161206-051630 game board


Collect game pieces:

candy cane

Puppy game piece

TiHWmw1P-5906-5906 stocking hung by the fireplace


Bonus Plays:

However this year there are a number of ways to earn bonus game plays. The detailed rules outline so many options for bonus plays that all I can do is recommend you go read the official ways to earn bonus plays.

  • You can use a code, available on cards inside stores for a bonus plays.
  • Use your registered Starbucks card (or mobile app) and make a purchase five days in a row to earn three bonus game plays.
  • Make ten purchases at the same store during the Starbucks for Life period, and earn bonus game plays.
  • Make three separate purchases before 7 AM at a participating Starbucks.
  • Make both a purchase in the morning at a store, and then another after noon.

^ That list isn’t complete and doesn’t have all the details. Again, I recommend that you read the rules for all the ways to get bonus plays. There ways to get bonus plays using social media as well.

I’m pretty sure that the little cards in the stores contain a code for a bonus play:

1 - 1 - 20161205_115529 starbucks for life

Invalid purchases:

Throughout the rules, there are two things that are mentioned over and over gone as items that are NOT valid purchases to earn game plays. The two key excluded items are alcohol (any alcoholic beverage) and buying Starbucks gift cards.

More Rules:

Starbucks partners are not eligible to play, nor their immediate family members. Check the rules for many more details.


Have fun playing! I’d love to hear about it if you win something fun!

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  • bradley

    which pieces are the rare ones?

  • sam choi


    Here is a free play code for everyone!!


    Happy holidays!!

  • Abbey E. Coching

    When is it going to work. I just joined for beginning of this year. This is my second year on it.

  • Faith Linnell

    The site isn’t working, anyone know why?

  • Jeanna Crockett

    I keep having problems getting on the Starbucks for life. And because of that I can’t get the game play for playing the days in a row :(

  • Jerry. aleman

    I am happy with Starbuck

  • Chad

    Partners are able to play and have different prizes altogether. :)

  • Ken foster

    Love my Starbucks in the morning and afternoon

  • sam choi

    It is bear impossible to win anything. So far the biggest prize for me was 125 stars. Guess we cannot complain for a free game.

  • Celeste Hewitt

    Road ranger isn’t working. I have been to 6 stores over the last week and I still only have 4 check marks. Errr I lost the them for a few days.

  • Caprice Caballero

    I love Starbucks and am in everyday. It adds up. But am an addict. Hope for a chance to win even if it’s a few stars towards a coffee. I have not really had luck on my side but know someone who won last year. So it happens.

  • L

    Thanks for the free code…. where do you enter it?

  • Nancy l gately

    I’ve signed up for, starbucks for life, can’t get back in. I’ve tried everything I know help

  • Miriam Metzger

    I kept getting a message that the page was not correct &. Was unable to get my 2 plays today. It is very frustrating!

  • K

    Starbucksforlife what a rip. It doesn’t work half the time and when u call Starbucks to notify them they don’t do anything about it. It’s a scan to get ppl to buy their product period.

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