The Beetle Tumbler.

Starbucks always has a variety of mugs and tumblers for sale inside their stores as well as online at The styles and designs change often. The entire merchandise lineup changes regularly.

Right now there is a beetle-themed tumbler. Or at least these bugs kind of look like beetles to me. If you know what these critters are, do tell.

It’s a little weird:

20170506_120133[1] the beetle tumbler

20170506_120040[1] beetle tumbler

I’m torn between thinking this is a yucky design or maybe this is very innovative. What do you think? It’s definitely unique. Have you noticed this buggy tumbler at your store?

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  • Rachel Coxon

    To be honest I love this cup. I am a big bug lover and would love to carry this cup its really cute

  • Lesley Davies

    I like it, but I wonder if it would freak enough people out that they would stop helping themselves to my cups.

  • Grant Saylor

    LOL right? I saw this and went “yeah maybe ladybugs would have been a better choice…”

  • Cynthia barcum Meyer

    Lightning bugs – fireflies. WHich are in the beetle family

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