Right now at select Starbucks locations in Orange County, California, you will find the Earl Grey Mocha Malt. It’s a continuation of the ice cream test that started roughly six months ago. You can also read about the ice cream test here.

This drink is comes from the talents and inspiration of partner Aladria at the Southpark Starbucks in Fountain Valley. She experimented with the Teavana Earl Grey tea bags and made an earl grey concentrate, added the store’s vanilla ice cream, a vanilla syrup, and ultimately made an amazing earl grey ice cream shake.

Here’s the Starbucks Earl Grey Mocha Malt recipe: This drink includes 2 scoops of Mora’s vanilla ice cream, Teavana Earl Grey concentrate (made in stores fresh daily), mocha drizzle walls on the cup, and two scoops of malt.

It’s amazing. I’ve already had a couple of these. You get a nice light black tea and vanilla flavor with a hint of mocha. Vanilla and black tea pair beautifully together.  The mocha is not overpowering to the drink because it’s only a little bit of mocha on the sides of the cup, not blended with the beverage. You should try one of these if you can. Starbucks launched the Earl Grey Mocha Malt about one month ago, and it doesn’t have an exact end date. Usually new fall items land in stores in September (and some fun things are coming soon!) so I would guess that it will be available at least for one more month, so long as ingredients are available in stores.



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