Let’s briefly revisit the Starbucks Digital Network.  The last time I wrote about the Starbucks Digital Network, it was new, having recently been launched in October 2010.  If you are inside a Starbucks store, here is the digital network url:


Though it may be a treasure trove of content so you can spend hours with a Double Tall Mocha and reading the Wall Street Journal online, I want to highlight a really cool, and perhaps less well-known partnership:  Donors Choose.  You will find the link to “Donors Choose” under the “My Neighborhood” tab when you are on the SDN home page.  If you want to follow DonorsChoose on twitter, click here.

DonorsChoose is an online charity connecting people who want to give to a classroom in need of supplies directly with the school, and specific classrooms.  You can browse by geography and find a classroom close to you.  When you are visiting the main page, click on “view projects” and then you can search by keyword.  You don’t have to give a lot.  You can give as little as $1.00.

Your money might end up going to paper supplies, pencils, books, or even towards the latest technologies in a classroom.  The classrooms are in schools that serve poorer students, who would otherwise struggle to come up with everything they need without your help.  I donated to a classroom in Florida where a teacher wants her children to have ipads to use as a learning tool.

Consider this your brief introduction to DonorsChoose.  I assume that many of my readers have never taken any time to browse the Starbucks Digital Network, and this is just one great example of the kinds of unique things that you might find there that you would never expect.  And you can give to a great cause: Education.

This is a weekend open thread.  Feel free to discuss anything related to Starbucks.

(The Starbucks Digital Network is only in the United States, as far as I know).

Edit on 1-29-11:  From the comments to the blog, a special education teacher pointed out this classroom in need:


^ Just want to mention this as an example of the many classrooms in need and this one with special ed students!