It’s time for another look at Starbucks Refreshers.  Next up:  Raspberry Pomegranate flavor.  Let me say, that without a shadow of a doubt, I am a complete fan of Refreshers.  They are indeed genuinely Refreshing.  Starbucks has experimented with a number of flavors and varieties of this product, so if you want to look at previous article on the Refreshers click here:

Previous articles on Refreshers

Since the current Refreshers are being tested in Arizona, I don’t have a chance to try them over and over again (I live in Seattle).  There are several canned flavors, and I received a can of Raspberry Pomegranate in the mail.  As I expected, this drink doesn’t disappoint.  I made a little video of me trying this drink.  Please be aware that this was a one take video.  Here it is: