Here at we continue to travel all over the world with Starbucks.  It’s like our own Starbucks adventure.  For this blog post I owe a HUGE thank you to “Jacki,” a Canadian living temporarily in South Korea, and a regular blog reader, and, of course, a Starbucks customer.  She contacted me, wanting to share her unique experiences of Starbucks in South Korea with photos of her local store.  I am proudly showing off her store.  This Starbucks location (found in Gunpo) is a mere subway ride from Seoul.  Jacki reports that the baristas are patient and courteous despite the language barrier.

According to the most recent annual shareholders’ report, Starbucks operates (in a joint venture agreement) 288 Starbucks stores in South Korea.  Starbucks Coffee Korea opened its first store in Ewha Womans University on July 27, 1999.  There is a website for their operations here:

Also for the twitterers reading the blog, there is an official South Korea Starbucks twitter profile too: @StarbucksKorea

One of the photos below includes a picture of a canned ready-to-drink coffee cup beverage which is only available in a limited number of international markets.  I believe that the Starbucks Discoveries ready-to-drink coffee drink is available in Japan, South Korea and a few other international markets.  The Starbucks Double Shot is widely available in many countries.  Per “Jacki” Iced Coffee beverages are extremely popular in South Korea and the grocery store options are fabulous.  The photos below also show some unique differences in food offerings, and that “Classic” syrup is readily available at the condiment counter for customer use.  Notice that the menuboards seem to show pricing for only two sizes (since I can’t read Korean, I’m not totally sure about that).  Also, notice how you could travel around the world and yet still feel right at home!

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Enjoy your quick trip to South Korea!