In response to my previous article about Starbucks museum collectibles, a regular reader of this blog emailed with four pictures of his favorite items from his collection.  These are great!  I’ve emailed with this reader a couple of times (though he’s not a commenter) and I can definitely say he’s a very passionate partner in Virginia.

^ These books are highly collectible.  Both were sold in Starbucks stores and produced in conjunction with Sunset Books.  The first is Passion For Coffee and it is a recipe book produced in 1994, with a number of the recipes featuring Starbucks coffees.  I have the first book in my collection, and featured it in a 2009 blog article on this site.  The second book is called the Pleasures of Summer, and was produced in 1996 by Sunset Books.  I’m not very familiar with the 1996 book.  I did some searching, and realized that it is possible to still buy these books from used book sellers.  If you do buy them, please click through the widget on the right side of this blog!  Then I’ll actually earn something very tiny!  (I’m definitely not making money on this blog. LOL).

All I can say is that I love the mugs that were based on the coffee stamps.  There used to be so many colorful, decorative, and creative mugs in the stores.  I always thought Organic Serena had such a pretty coffee stamp.  I think that Sanani and Serena were both discontinued sometime in 2008.

^ I am not familiar with these “Siren’s Tale” booklets (or leaflets) but I will say that I recognize the name on them.  Notice that in small print the name “Jason Simpson” appears on the book.  He’s still a partner.  He is the same person that wrote a very large amount of the book that is the current grayish-colored coffee master book (released in 2011?) which simply says, “Marked by a love for the bean,” on the first page.  Jason knows coffee.

^ What a pretty French press.  I remember seeing this in stores, and passing it up.  Oh, I do regret that!

That’s it.  I thought you’d enjoy these photos of collectibles too.

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