I was just browsing StarbucksStore.com, and realized that some of the logo merchandise items found at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store are currently for sale at StarbucksStore.com.  I am not even sure how long these items have been available, but I wanted to highlight this.  Consider this article to be a follow up from the recent Starbucks Coffee Gear Store article.

To find these unique merchandise items, click on the link that says, “Gifts & Extras.”  The Coffee Gear Store merchandise appears to be under the link, “Starbucks Logo Gear.”   A lot of that merchandise has been featured in my previous blog articles for the Coffee Gear Store.  Look for a StarbucksStore.com page that looks like this:

I realize this is a very short post, but I thought it was worth shining a spotlight on some of these fun items.  I really do think everyone needs a Starbucks canvas re-usable grocery sack!

Have fun shopping at StarbucksStore.com. 😉  (You can follow the official Starbucks Store profile on Twitter also.)