Starbucks recently sent an email inviting Gold Card holders to join in a “12 Star Dash.”  Earn 12 Stars between August 27, 2012, and September 9, 2012, and then if you succeed in earning 12 Stars, Starbucks will send  you a $5 eGift card. I am in!  I will have no problem getting 12 stars, and I’m happy for Starbucks to send me a gift card – Any time you want to send me gifts dear Starbucks, please do!

This is not the first time that Starbucks has done something like this.  There was a previous variation on this earlier this year: 29 Star dash February 2012.

What do you think? Are you likely to visit Starbucks more often because of this?

Just as a reminder, you can use any card, and you don’t actually have to use your shiny gold card to earn stars.  Your profile must be at the Gold level.

(Please don’t forget to join in my giveaway for a free Starbucks logo iPhone cover.  I went to the Coffee Gear store and bought a few to give away, and so I hope you enter the contest, and I wish everyone lots of luck! Obviously, the iPhone cover giveaway not a Starbucks-sponsored giveaway, rather something I’m offering on my own.)  Sorry about the bold! I turned it on, and it wouldn’t go off! Ugh!

(Edit: Weird the bold turned off when I went to edit this. In any case, in an email conversation with a Starbucks PR contact, I learned that this was sent to all MyStarbucksRewards members, not just gold card members.  Sorry for any confusion!)