This “City Nights” First and Pike Starbucks card is widely available in Starbucks stores.  I thought that many people would be curious to know that it’s based upon a real store.  The store on this card is an artistic rendition of the First and Pike Starbucks, which is the “Heritage Starbucks.”

This Starbucks is directly across the street from the entrance to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and if you look at the doors at the right angle, you often can see a beautiful reflection of the “Public Market” sign.

Now if someone asks, “Hey what’s that store featured on that card?” you will have the answer!  First and Pike Starbucks.

At about 7:30 a.m., on August 26th, I dropped by in hopes of getting a decent photo of the entrance. It’s a busy store, and so at any other time of the day there will be a constant stream of people coming and going, to and from this store.

I ordered an iced Kenya from the Clover, and a coffee master name Lindsey made my beverage.  I asked her if she knew that this “City Nights” card is really based upon First and Pike Starbucks?  She said, “yes” that she did know that, and added, “Hey can’t you see me in the picture? I am right there,” as she pointed to the little people inside the store on this City Nights card.

Obviously she was having fun with me, but I got a good laugh out of it. Thank you Lindsey!

I find it fascinating when Starbucks bases cards on real stores.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more cards stylized after real stores.  It wasn’t all that long ago that the “Twilight” Starbucks card based upon the First and Battery Starbucks was popular in stores.

What stores do you think would work on a Starbucks card?