April 15, 2013, was the grand opening for a new Starbucks on the corner of 2nd and Cherry, in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood!  It’s an area of Seattle where a very large number of the buildings are designated as historic structures.  The plaque on the 2nd and Cherry Building names it the “Roderick Building” and indicates it was constructed in 1894.  It’s not far from the historic Smith Tower building, which has a viewing room that has the “Chinese Chair” in it.  Supposedly, you can make a wish in the chair!  By the way, the Collins pub just down the street (at Second and James – 526 Second Avenue) has really wonderful food.  I have eaten there many times!

I just wanted to introduce you to this new store and its neighborhood.  From what I have heard, this is not the final design for this store.  Starbucks did a quick conversion from a Seattle’s Best to a Starbucks.  The store will undergo remodeling while functioning as a Starbucks, all the while.  As I understand it, later in the year, it will have an official re-launch as a Clover Starbucks.

Here’s the exact address:

621 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 682-7726

Drop by and say hello to the team at 2nd and Cherry!

IMAG4703 2nd and Cherry new Starbucks opens tomorrow - Historic Roderick BldgIMAG4745 Starbucks 2nd and Cherry 2013IMAG4744 2nd and Cherry Starbucks 15 April 2013IMAG4738 15 April 2013 2nd and Cherry Starbucks SeattleIMAG4737 2nd and Cherry Starbucks 15 April 2013