A reader of this blog sent me two photos of her local Starbucks – it is in Wichita, Kansas, and it is a Clover Starbucks.  I was delighted to get these pics in my email.  I have never once featured a Starbucks in Kansas on this site! Here are the two photos:

Clover Starbucks in KansasClover Starbucks in Kansas 2

If you want to go visit this store, here’s the address:

Maize Road & 21st Street Starbucks
2241 North Maize Road
New Market Square
Wichita, Kansas 67205
(316) 773 – 6900

Thank you Dana for sending me the first photos for this site from Kansas!  And, as I understand it, this is also the largest Starbucks in Kansas as well.

Thank you to the many readers who send me great photos of their stores to show off here.  I don’t use all photos that are emailed to me, and if you want your photos featured, you must attach the photos and indicate that you took them, and that you are willing to share them on my blog.  In the past, readers have emailed me photos from a drive-thru Clover in Atlanta, Georgia (Peachtree Battle), Clover locations in Prescott, and Chicago, the gorgeously pretty Starbucks (not a Clover store) at the “Flower Market” in Amsterdam, A Starbucks in a train station in Sweden, and many many more!  Email me at Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com.  Please do not send photos where you are not the copyright holder.  Please do not direct me to links on a Facebook page or other social media site.  Sorry about that.