Univ village in the dark 4Sept2013-2Today is the official arrival of the fall items at Starbucks.  I dropped by a Starbucks in University Village today (September 4, 2013) and thought I’d highlight just a couple of new things.  By the way, there are quite a few new food and merchandise items, and I’ve only spotlighted a select few.  Also, the fall beverages are back in stores: You can order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha or Hot Chocolate, and new this year, a Chocolate Chai.

Here is the fall setup:

IMAG6937 Fall launch 1 - 4Sep2013 - University Village Starbucks

One thing you might notice is that there are a variety of new mugs, a coffee canister, and other merchandise items.  The “Siren’s Call” tumbler jumped out at me.  It’s quite decorative, and it is made in the U.S.A:

IMAG6938 Siren's Call tumblers - 4Sep2013 - Univ Village Starbucks2

Pumpkin Spice Via Ready Brew returns to Starbucks, and new this year, Starbucks is introducing Pike Place Roast Via.  I have heard that French Roast Via will be discontinued to make room for the all-new Pike Place Roast Via.  As a reminder, for the Pumpkin Spice Via, the direction recommend that you use with milk.

IMAG6948 Pike Place Roast Via Ready Brew 4Sep2013 University Village

I definitely welcome that this year Anniversary Blend arrives in a Verismo pod format.  I bought a box to take home, and I am looking forward to trying them.  You can also get Teavana Chai Verismo pods now.  Both of these two Verismo pod items all are all-new this year:

IMAG6942 Chai tea pods 4Sep2013IMAG6940 Anniversary Blend Pods - University Village - 4Sept2013 copy

There are a number of new food items, including a Caramelized Apple Cake and a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Croissant (I assume these two items are only for stores that are already offering La Boulange bakery items).  I tried the Caramelized Apple Cake and loved it.  I wonder though if it is the same wherever you go?  The little tiny sign next to it says that it is made with Washington State apples.  I wasn’t sure if that meant it was a regional item, or simply that if you find this item in other areas, it will be made with local apples. I have already tried the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Croissant too – these two new food items were part of yesterday’s food launch of the new fall items.  Danielle, a partner at the Olive Way Starbucks, was excited to tell me about the new food, and we sampled  the new Pumpkin Cream Cheese Croissant.  I took a small sample of it, and she shared it with others too.  It’s a bit rich for me.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this item.  However, I did love Danielle’s enthusiasm to share and try the La Boulange items.

IMAG6950 Apple Caramelized Cake and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Croissant 4 September 2013

As I mentioned already, another thing that is new is the “Chocolate Chai beverage”.  I have had the chance to try it hot once already (thank you Eastlake Starbucks and Nathan), and yesterday, I ordered it as a Frappuccino.  I don’t drink a lot of Frappuccinos, but this one is a huge two thumbs up!  It’s really creamy, and delicious, and refreshing.  If you happen to like Frappuccinos, ask for the Chocolate Chai beverage as a Frappuccino!  Actually, I was surprised at how much I liked the Chocolate Chai.  It tastes a little bit like a Mexican hot chocolate.  I hope you’ll try it too and tell me what you think.  (The beverage below was made by Kirsten at University Village – at least I think that is who made it.  I hope I got that right.)

Chocolate Chai Frappuccino 3Sep2013 - University Village Starbucks2

Last but not least, you should start to see the Evolution Harvest snacks (created by Evolution Fresh) start to show up in Starbucks stores now too.

That is it for the quick update on what is new as of this morning, at your neighborhood Starbucks store.  There’s one more photo of the University Village Starbucks below.  (As a reminder, I know my readers know this, but you can pay, load, and earn stars, and redeem rewards with any Starbucks card, and this includes the Evolution Fresh cards, and Teavana card – those ARE Starbucks card too.  I had to re-load my Starbucks Evolution Fresh card at the register this morning, and I created just a moment of confusion.  All was quickly fine, but if you see anything that even somewhat resembles a Starbucks card, I would swipe it.  There have been a bazillion designs over the years, and really the Teavana and Evolution Fresh card are just their own specially-designed cards.)

Please excuse typos. I just wrote this very fast before work.  I’ll give it a  read through for grammar and typos later tonight.

Thank you!


IMAG6945 Fall set up at University Village Starbucks 4 Sep 2013