I was shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond today, and saw this adorable Starbucks mug!  It’s 12-ounces, and comes packaged ready to give as a small holiday gift.  I had to buy it for the mug!

IMG_20131208_132514 Bed Bath and Beyond - 12 ounce Starbucks mug with single pack of cocoa

A number of stores (I think both grocery and other large retailers, as well as Starbucks stores) have the Starbucks Holiday Blend for the Verismo.  Keep in mind, all of the Holiday Blend packaging that has the words, “soft & layered” on it are not the same as Christmas Blend, which is described as “spice & sweetness.”  Here’s my cup of Holiday Blend from made by the Verismo:

IMAG8433 New mug and Holiday Blend verismo podsAt Bed Bath, & Beyond, there were also this gift sets called from “Cocoa for two.”  I liked the red one quite a bit:

IMG_20131208_132834 Cocoa for two at Bed Bath and BeyondIMAG8426 Cocoa for two Bed Bath and BeyondA friend was shopping at Fred Meyer (a Pacific Northwest chain) this weekend, and found this cute mug which is part of a promotion if you buy 3 qualifying Tazo or Starbucks items:

IMG_0509 Mug at Fred Meyer - 8 Dec 2013The “Shared Moments mug”is fourteen ounces in size.  I like it too! Very nice! I may have to run to Fred Meyer and find this mug.  I’ve heard that Target stores have the exact same promotion and Shared Moments mug.

IMG_6218 Fred Meyer sign for mug promo 8 Dec 2013IMG_1237 Mug at Fred Meyer's - 8 Dec 2013

I just thought I’d point out some fun little things to keep your eye out for! You never know what you might find in Starbucks merchandise in other stores.  (All of these items are considered CPG items.) If you need small gifts, some of these kinds of things would be great – and if you find something unique at a Safeway, Target, or other retailer that you want to tell me about, use the “contact me” form on this site.

Happy holiday shopping!