This is another look at what’s new at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store. As a reminder, there are two ways that a person can shop at the Coffee Gear Store. If you are a partner, you may shop online at Anyone – both customer and partners – can shop at the one physical location on the eighth floor of the Starbucks headquarters (also called the SSC or Starbucks Support Center), located at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134. The physical store is open Monday through Friday (closed on major holidays when the headquarters is closed) during normal business hours. It is open to the public. It’s not obvious from the street, but go to the headquarters, head to the eighth floor and you’ll find it.

I dropped by the other day and saw that they had these #2 pencils! Something about them is so adorable!

IMAG0389 Starbucks pencilsThe pencils are 75 cents each. I’m tempted to go back and buy a handful just to have them.

The new Starbucks logo cycling jerseys have arrived. These are consistently a very popular item. During the winter months, the store was briefly out of them. They sell well so you might want to get one soon if you’ve got your heart set on a cycling jersey:

IMAG0376 Cycling Jersey - FrontIMAG0377 Cycling Jersey - sideYou’ll still find stand by favorites like Starbucks keychains and mousepads:

IMAG0384 KeychainsIMAG0382 MousepadsThere are new Starbucks golf polo shirts in. They didn’t really excite all that much but here they are:

IMAG0375 golf shirtsAnd there’s a new logo Starbucks tote bag in the Coffee Gear Store now too:

IMAG0373 Tote bagHope you enjoyed this quick trip to the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store!