Starbucks in London Gets Hot Mulled Fruit.

image1 - Hot Mulled Fruit in LondonA reader in London sent in this photo and information about a Starbucks UK test beverage: It is “Hot Mulled Fruit.” It sounds delicious! It is so interesting to see what’s being tested internationally. Here’s what the reader wrote about it:

The drink consists of a slice of orange and a sprig of ginger together with a pump of chai and a pump of grapefruit juice. This is then mixed with hot water. The chai is Tazo chai as we don’t have Teavana in the UK.  I had a tall drink; it costs about the same as a tall latte. It comes in the usual 3 sizes. It tasted really lovely, spicy, and warming. Non alcohol mulled wine in essence.  I would say this product is probably being tested for future years as the market for mulled wine is huge in the UK during the fall and holiday season.

I know I’d love to try it. What do you think?

(Click through here and scroll through to read about other Starbucks test products and beverages.)

Edit on November 7, 2014: My article above quotes an email from a read above (in italics). I’ve since learned that the correct information for this drink is grape juice NOT grapefruit juice. Thanks!

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  • Robin Coxon

    I wished they would do this in our area. Although I would like to see a substitution for the grapefruit juice due to some of us who can’t have grapefruit of any kind due to medicine reactions. Thanks for sharing.

  • DadCooks

    This post woke up my British roots (ancestors came from Portland before the Revolution, family fought on both sides, but that is a long story).

    I would definitely try this. And Starbucks would be wise IMHO to keep Teavana out of the UK (too many twigs 😉 ). From my across the pond knowledge, many like their tea to just be tea so they can add whatever and how much they want. This type of mulled tea is definitely a holiday treat.

  • kalervo

    I also tried the red mulled fruit in London in September. I found it quite delicious as well and I cannot wait to see it coming to the Nordic markets where mulled wine called glögg is really popular during the holiday season. However, when I asked the baristas about the drink I think they said it had grape, not grapefruit juice. So it is indeed a non alcoholic mulled wine beverage, and no worries to those who cannot have grapefruit.

  • Claire

    Sounds delicious. How cool would it be if Starbucks launched the Evenings program in the UK and this was an offered beverage? (Heck, maybe that’s the plan!)

    I wish it was easier to try different drinks offered around the world.

  • Becky E

    I’d love to try that here. Sounds delicious and warming on cold winter days.

  • Kristina

    Almost sounds like a nonalcoholic wassail, which I enjoy a lot during the winter months. Hope it’s a successful drink in London that will one day make it to the U.S.

  • LatteRose

    I’d like to see it here. Sounds like a wonderful drink to have while you’re out shopping!

  • Megan

    Hey Melody, that’s my store in London, and yes we are trialling the hot mulled fruits, it doesn’t contain any grapefruit but a merlot grape juice (from the same wine grapes!) it has a wonderful richness to it and is also finished with a stick of cinnamon as well as the chai and orange slice you mentioned. We’ve really enjoyed serving it and hope everyone gets it in their stores too

  • Melody

    @Megan – Thank you for finding my blog! As you can see, I got the wrong info in my email. I’ll type up a correction comment in the article soon. I hope you will subscribe – put your email address in the left side column and subscribe. I appreciate your help with this article and I wish I could come to your store and try this drink. :)

  • Melanie

    Which store in london?

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