image1 - Hot Mulled Fruit in LondonA reader in London sent in this photo and information about a Starbucks UK test beverage: It is “Hot Mulled Fruit.” It sounds delicious! It is so interesting to see what’s being tested internationally. Here’s what the reader wrote about it:

The drink consists of a slice of orange and a sprig of ginger together with a pump of chai and a pump of grapefruit juice. This is then mixed with hot water. The chai is Tazo chai as we don’t have Teavana in the UK.  I had a tall drink; it costs about the same as a tall latte. It comes in the usual 3 sizes. It tasted really lovely, spicy, and warming. Non alcohol mulled wine in essence.  I would say this product is probably being tested for future years as the market for mulled wine is huge in the UK during the fall and holiday season.

I know I’d love to try it. What do you think?

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Edit on November 7, 2014: My article above quotes an email from a read above (in italics). I’ve since learned that the correct information for this drink is grape juice NOT grapefruit juice. Thanks!