image-25-03-15-01-02-1 nicholas dirty chaiThis week’s drink of the week comes to StarbucksMelody from a Starbucks partner in Ontario, Canada. Nicholas writes:

“My drink is a chai and I swap out one pump of the chai for a pump of mocha, no water of course to get a spicier drink. I liken my drink to that of Mexican chocolate. Starbucks once had a chocolate chai, but was way too sweet. This version is just the right hint of chocolate and delish through to the last sip!”

Thank you Nicholas for the excellent pic and drink suggestion!

I sent Nicholas a $10ย Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Roomย card as a thank you, since I used his submission.

Any partner can submit a beverage to be featured on this site. Include a photo of the drink (full) and a description of the recipe and/or information on the drink build. Include your name, location, and a return address. Also include snippet as to why you like this drink. My email address is

Look for drink of the week every Monday. I hope that by featuring this new category, it will give customers (and partners) ideas of new things to try. ๐Ÿ™‚

As a reminder, when you modify a beverage, there could be up-charges for things like syrups or sauces, depending on what you’re getting and what the original drink recipe included.