Peru: A Special Seasonal Starbucks Coffee Offered in Europe & the Middle East.

2 - 1 - IMAG6148 peru coffeeRight now if you’re visiting a Starbucks store in Europe or in the Middle East, you’ll find a special seasonal coffee: Peru. A reader in Poland sent me one bag of it. Lucky for me, the Peru coffee arrived shortly before a planned get together with a friend (on 4/4), at the First and Walker Starbucks.It was absolutely wonderful to sit down over a French press, catch up, and connect over coffee.

This coffee is a core coffee for Starbucks stores actually located in Peru, but as I mentioned before, a seasonal offering for the Europe and Middle East Starbucks locations. The description is a round, balanced coffee with medium body, soft acidity and mild nut flavors. Complementary flavors for this coffee are nuts and chocolate.

For a limited time in Starbucks stores in Europe and the Middle East, you can order this Peru (instead of the standard espresso roast) as your shot of espresso in your favorite hand-crafted beverage.

The bag is just beautiful. It was designed by Starbucks creative designer Victor Melendez, who told me his thinking that went into his design: “The macaw is a beautiful bird with brilliant bold colors and so it happens to feature the colors of the Peruvian flag, red and white. So I decided to show the red and white in the front along with the subtle dark feathers in the background.”

I had it in a French press and definitely got some of the herbal qualities.

Hope you get the chance to try this wonderful coffee!

2 - 1 - Peru with G - 4 April 2015 - 1st and Walker Starbucks

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  • Diele Kyhn

    Thanks for sharing! Hoping to try some in England when I visit. :-)

  • Chris

    This is currently the coffee of choice in my house. I enjoy both as an espresso and French pressed. The bag is stunning!

  • Elisabeth

    So neat! And it sounds delicious :-)

  • Tanita

    glad you like it! Its actually our origin espresso offering at the moment (our second bean for hand crafted beverages) and from what i know its actually a core coffee and will be staying in our collection. i love Peru and am glad we have it in our collection, it sadly canceled out casi cielo from coming :( but luckily casi cielo is something that comes through every year. We did a big event with Peru when we got it. If you go on twitter under #EMEAcoffetasting or all low cap (forgot) you can see some awesome pictures from all over Europe and the Middle East. :)) thanks for being awesome!

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    I loved reading your post Melody! Its always fun knowing what international markets have. It seems they have more fun stuff. Like the Origami Pour Over! 😉

  • Artur

    I live in Poland so I had a chance to try it. On the package it says “Herbal and Soft Spice” but I think it tasted more like nuts and chocolate. The coffee is indeed very balanced, with medium body. I liked it. Have to buy one or two more bags before the offer ends.

  • Melody

    @Artur – I think you’re right. I got some herbally-ness with a press, but I think nutty is a huge descriptor for this coffee.

  • Vass

    Bring it back please! This blend (Peru) is made exactly for my taste buds :) Velvety, very low acidity, roast bitterness just right; all balanced to perfection. It should take a place among the blends permanently available in Europe. I’d place it between Verona and Sumatra (Verona, my 2nd favorite is stronger, Sumatra weaker)

  • David Weitz

    I bought a bag of it when I was in Helsinki back in July. It’s one of the best coffees that I’ve purchased from Starbucks. Nuts and chocolate; not very herbal. I cannot find it anywhere in the US, or on ebay. Too bad.

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