2 - 1 - IMG_20150902_195337 cupsThere are new reusable Starbucks cups coming soon! They launch in stores on September 8th.

Just for some quick background, Starbucks introduced the plastic reusable cup in the fall of 2012. Originally it was a Pacific Northwest item only, but quickly went national after that. These cups are were originally plain white, just like the classic Starbucks paper cup, and were originally $1. They are designed for about 30 uses. Since that time, Starbucks has launched a number of decorated versions of the cups – the decorated versions are always $2.

The three new versions (starting on September 8th in the United States) are all partner-created cups. That means that one of your favorite baristas entered a contest and his or her lovely cup won! Starbucks announced these three cups were coming back in May of this year.

Here are the new cups:


2 - 1 - Starbucks hand drawn butterfly cup2 - 1 - 20150902_194815 butterflies


2 - 1 - 20150902_194559_001 flowers butterflies cupsAnd a night sky:

1 - 1 - image4-1 Cup from M

What’s truly cool about these cups is that each time you purchase one of these three new reusable cups, Starbucks will donate fifty cents to the CUP Fund. Not all three cups will be in one store. Each Starbucks will only sell one of the three designs, depending on their region.

The butterflies is by far my favorite! I remember seeing lots of Monarch Butterflies as a kid in California. It’s just a sweet memory.