NEW: Cascara Latte (made with the fruit of the coffee cherries!) and the Smoked Butterscotch Latte

You can order two new delicious handcrafted beverages at Starbucks.

The Cascara Latte:

The one that I’m really excited about is the “Cascara” Latte:

The word “Cascara” means husk or shell in Spanish. We all know that beautiful roasted coffee beans are used to make shots of espresso and brewed coffee, but what happens with the cherry itself? This is the first time Starbucks has introduced a drink that uses the FRUIT of the coffee in it too!

A “Cascara” Latte is steamed milk, (your choice of whole milk, 2%, nonfat, soy, coconut, or almond), perfect shots (or single shot depending on the size you order) of espresso, a Cascara syrup, and a Cascara topping to finish. The Cascara syrup is made with an extract from the fruit of the coffee cherries, cane sugar, some organic coconut sugar, and a few other ingredients. The Cascara topping is simply the coffee cherry fruit extract and sugar, in a sugar form.

Here’s what the top of the drink looks like with the Cascara topping:

20170102_194313 top view of cascara latte

Take in a few more photos of this delicious drink:

20170102_194340 cascara latte

20170105_074218 cascara latte

The Cascara Latte is the result of innovation at the Starbucks Roastery. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ve already tried it! The syrup, if you saw it by itself, smells a tiny bit like molasses, and has a dark brownish color but is definitely a light syrup consistency. It adds a really unique sweetness to the drink that Starbucks describes as “dark brown sugar and luscious maple.” I think it is reminiscent of maple and molasses, if you ask for extra syrup in your drink. It is a unique flavor that’s hard to put your finger on! It’s an all-new, unique drink!

According to the Starbucks website, the Cascara Latte is available now:

Untitled image of nutrition for cascara latte screen cap on 5Jan2017

Officially, the Cascara will appear on the Starbucks menu boards on the 10th. I spoke with an official Starbucks spokesperson at the Starbucks headquarters who confirmed that the Cascara Latte is easily available via the mobile app (you can mobile order this drink too), or to any customer who asks for it, starting on Friday, January 6, 2017.




The Smoked Butterscotch Latte:

Starting January 6, 2017, the Smoked Butterscotch Latte returns to Starbucks. This drink made its debut at Starbucks earlier this year, and it too is inspired by a Starbucks Roastery beverage. An official Starbucks spokesperson told me that this drink is available starting tomorrow, the 6th of January.

IT2A4422 Smoked butterscotch latte image from Starbucks newsroom

(Image of the Smoked Butterscotch Latte courtesy of Starbucks newsroom.)


Enjoy the new drinks!!

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  • Nancy

    I am wanting to try the Cascara Latte but I am sensitive to caffeine and always get decaf, do you know if there is any caffeine in the coffee cherry? I so love coffee and it can be frustrating to not be able to try all of the unique roasts you write about!

  • Stephan Kordt

    Does anybody know if the Dark Cherry Mocha is ever coming back?
    It was my absolute favorite!

  • amazonv

    I got to try the Cascara Latte for my birthday, it was not too sweet – just hints of cherry as if only part of the coffee itself.

  • Ann Miner

    I was disappointed in the Cascara Latte. Very little flavor – tasted like sweet milk to me. But maybe mine wasn’t well made – too pricey to try again.

  • sam choi

    The Cascara drink was wonderful. Not too sweet. The new egg bites are great too. Bacon, bacon, bacon.. love it.

    Right now there are alot of new foods to try. Including a turkey and swiss. Thank you always ms melody.

  • Lisa Atkinson Waller

    Melody, I appreciate your recent direction to this article regarding the nutritional information for the Cascara Latte. (Had I been doing my regular reading here as I should I would have seen it already. I’ll do better at that.) I am so disappointed that I cannot try this. I am on the Ketogenic diet, and sugar is a no-no. 37g carbs keeps me at a distance from this, so I will just have to read the description and let my imagination take over. As well, the Smoked Butterscotch Latte is a favorite, and I don’t even need to see the facts on that one. :( By the way, the Butterscotch sauce is amazing in Iced Coffee… tried that last year.

  • Startswithaj

    I love both of these drinks(especially the cascara) but for some reason the stores around me in northern California like to forget to put the topping that goes with these drinks. It’s happened at least twice now and in one case I know for a fact that they weren’t out because I happened to be in the store and asked the barista to put some of the butterscotch topping on my drink when i noticed it was missing. The second time I had gone through the drive through and by the time I had noticed we had already started to pull away. It’s not a big enough deal to write in a complaint to customer service but annoying/disappointing enough to complain here! lol.

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