Here in Seattle, there are a couple of Starbucks locations with regular coffee education events. All are welcome. Coffee knowledge is meant to be shared. As one partner told me, “We’re doing it wrong if we’re just talking to ourselves.” (Meaning that customers aren’t involved.)

Let me tell you about a couple of recent coffee events:

At the Reserve Bar location at 1st and University in Seattle, you will find coffee education, every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM:

Last Wednesday, Starbucks partner Michael made a Chemex of core coffees, Yukon Blend, Italian Roast, and Caffè Verona.

IMG_43761 michael at 1st and university

Michael talked about CAFE practices and the history of Verona, which has its unique history of being Starbucks’ first blend for a restaurant. The 1st and University Starbucks is a new location which recently opened in February this year. If you are visiting Seattle, include this in your must-see list! As I mentioned, you are welcome to attend a coffee education seminar, Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

There’s more! You can always come to a coffee seminar at East Olive Way, Monday nights at 6:30 PM. I would love to see you there! Last Monday, April 3rd, Coffee Master Olivia did a tasting of Cape Verde Fogo Island coffee.

Olivia is a true coffee master! She did some research on the Cabo Verde region of Africa, and did some research on traditional foods. Out of that she paired goat cheese, pineapple jam, mango and candied fruit with this coffee. The pineapple jam was amazing! This was a great pairing.

This coffee is not in any way a traditional African coffee. It has a very soft delicate mouthfeel and it pairs with a variety of tropical fruits. I hope you get to try it!

20170403_184426 Olivia coffee seminar 3 April 2017

20170403_185640 olivia coffee seminar

20170403_190231 cape verde olivia




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