Limited and unique Roastery totes, now available.

Starbucks asked their designers to make beautiful, coffee inspired Roastery tote bags. These are now available at the Roastery. Each one is numbered and autographed by the designer. And each one is a little bit unique from the next. There’s an element of designed-by-hand in every one of these totes.

There are only 10 of each designer’s specially designed tote. You’ll find them available for $59.95 each at the Roastery.

Next to each tote bag is a small plaque that gives some of the designer’s story for that bag. Take a look at a few bags:

1 - 1 - 20170410_080444 roastery tote coffee coffee coffee

1 - 1 - 20170410_080558 roastery tote with coffee stamps

1 - 1 - 20170410_081942 roastery community tote bag

1 - 1 - 20170410_082115 roastery tote heart hands

1 - 1 - 20170410_082315 roastery tote bag flowers

1 - 1 - 20170410_082535 roastery tote bags

1 - 1 - 20170410_171544 tote bags

1 - 1 - 20170410_171622 new totes

1 - 1 - 20170410_171647 Roastery bag signed and numbered

1 - 1 - 20170410_171651 roastery tote bag

1 - 1 - 20170410_171752 roastery totes

1 - 1 - 20170410_171808 art of coffee

As an example, this tote was designed by Starbucks designer Sayeh Proper: It’s inspired by Sumatran tigers, a love of Sumatran coffee which she learned to enjoy black! She calls this Roastery tote “Sumatra Crush.”

1 - 1 - 20170410_171813 new totes roastery

These above photos don’t do all the beautiful totes justice! Hope you get to visit the Roastery and see them in person.

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  • Grant

    My favorite is the come together at the Roastery bag! What about you, Melody?

  • Stephanie Rivers

    Hi Melody, I’m the customer service supervisor at Sunrise Identity. We do all the customer service for our ecommerce sites including Starbucks coffeegear. I just wanted you to know I always look forward to your weekly posts. Your posts are always informative and since Sunrise Identity is dog friendly I love looking at your coffee house paws pictures. Today I enjoyed your article on “what is great customer service?” and made sure my whole department read it today. Thanks for what you do and sending a smile to me every week. Stephanie Rivers

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