You’ve Been MOP’d

I was out running errands and stepped into the small University Village Starbucks, just to ask for my at-home coffee to be ground. I had with me a bag of Rwanda Abakundakawa. The store was slow. I didn’t recognize any baristas – this isn’t my home store.

The barista “Finn” handed me this cup of coffee that someone MOP’d. That means that some customer had ordered a beverage via the Starbucks smart phone app. I’ve even written about the idea that it’s possible to gift drinks through Mobile Order and Pay but I never thought it would randomly happen to me.

Finn said to me, “Do you want a cup of coffee? The cup says ‘Just smile and give to someone.‘” He didn’t appear to recognize me.

How wonderful. I definitely drank it! Doesn’t matter if it’s 7:00 PM, I’m always up for a cup of coffee!

I’ve been MOP’d. Thank you to thoughtful person who sent a random cup of coffee to the store!

Just Smile and Give to Someone 07 September 2017 U Village North Starbucks

2017 Sept 07 MOP suprise U Village North

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  • Kat

    VERY AWESOME. That’s a great idea. I need to do this <3

  • David

    Good idea perhaps for my next double stars day I’ll gift someone a cup of coffee

  • Chris Meyers

    That’s just weird. Seems like an outlet for pervs. Who would order a drink for someone they dont know and not knowing anything about them? And why would you drink something that you didnt order and dont even know what it is? The whole thing sounds creepy.

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