What is a coffee varietal?

July 6, 2014

For those who are interested in coffee education, I want to talk about what a coffee varietal is. There are three things that happened (all within a short time of each other) that inspired me to put this article together 1) in my own closed Facebook group, there was a great conversation from a customer […]

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New brewed Starbucks Iced Coffee: Now at your local grocery store. (Guest blog post by @NeilSHarris)

July 4, 2014

This is a guest blog post by Chicago reader, Neil Harris. He reviewed the new grocery-store-only beverage, “Lightly Sweetened Starbucks Iced Coffee”. It’s so new, it hasn’t shown up yet on the Starbucks website. Here’s his review. Enjoy! New brewed Starbucks Iced Coffee Last night I was at a Walmart just outside of Chicago (in […]

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Help Melody Give to the Starbucks Cup Fund.

July 1, 2014

During the month of July, Melody will donate one dollar to the Starbucks CUP Fund for every paperback copy of Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody sold via Amazon.com. In other words, buy a copy of Tales on Amazon.com (paperback version) and Melody will donate. Each month, my sales tracker starts anew at zero. So […]

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Any funny Starbucks beverage certificate stories?

June 30, 2014

Has anyone here stumbled upon any old Starbucks beverage certificates or ancient customer service recovery coupons? I thought this was interesting: Very recently, a customer walked into a Starbucks and attempted to redeem this certificate: The partner who took the certificate at the register, hung on to it, and then yesterday she gave it to […]

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Westlake Starbucks: Looking back 14 years ago at opening day.

June 29, 2014

The Westlake Starbucks in Seattle has been around for fourteen years. The assistant store manager who opened up this store on its grand opening day (December 16, 2000) is still a current Starbucks partner. (He’s above the store level now). Recently, he wrote to me and attached his personal photos from the store’s grand opening, […]

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We Can’t Wait to Connect with You: MyStarbucksIdea.com (Open thread).

June 27, 2014

I get emails now and then suggesting new article topics on this site. Recently, a reader wrote me asking to write an updated article about MyStarbucksIdea.com. Starbucks launched MyStarbucksIdea.com in March 2008, at the annual meeting of shareholders, in Seattle. According to Onward (page 135), here’s how that opening curtain moment went: “Chris Bruzzo walked […]

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2 new Starbucks Reserve Coffees: Maui Mokka and Malawi Peaberry Sable Farm.

June 25, 2014

Two new Starbucks Reserve coffees are here! They’re available in Starbucks Reserve locations or at StarbucksStore.com. The first is the Maui Mokka Reserve, which as the name implies, is a mokka varietal coffee, grown in Maui. The StarbucksStore.com website describes it as having flavors of candied fruit and chocolate. I went to a coffee seminar […]

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Giveaway: Tales of the Siren Book and Starbucks Reserve Micro Blend 11.

June 24, 2014

        //////   This giveaway is over! Congrats to winners Felice L. and Michelle Perry.   //////     I’m giving away a bag of Micro Blend 11 Starbucks Reserve Coffee with a copy of the book Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody. Please read everything carefully before leaving a comment below. […]

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A look at Starbucks Russia.

June 24, 2014

A regular reader of this site recently went on a trip to Russia and toured a number of the Starbucks stores there. The 2013 Starbucks Annual Report says that there are 65 Starbucks stores in Russia. However with recent store openings, currently there are more than 70 Starbucks stores in Russia – in Moscow, St. […]

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26 Signs You’re Hopelessly Obsessed with Starbucks. (The StarbucksMelody version)

June 22, 2014

I saw a Buzzfeed article on “26 Signs You’re Hopelessly Obsessed With Starbucks,” and decided that I would create my own list. Buzzfeed clearly didn’t check with me for my input on theirs. Here’s Melody’s own 26 signs you’re hopelessly obsessed with Starbucks: 26. You have a profile and comment at MyStarbucksIdea.com – Because you […]

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