It was just a little over one week ago that this blog took a trip to the Sloterdijk train station in Amsterdam, where the most recent Netherlands Starbucks opened in July of this year.  We’re heading back to the Netherlands again, this time to see a few pics of other Starbucks in this country.  As a reminder, in the Netherlands, all Starbucks are located either in the airport or in a train station, and the country has a total of about 8 Starbucks.

Here is the previous blog post on Starbucks in Amsterdam:

Starbucks in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

The eight photos below were taken in a variety of the Netherlands Starbucks, and are provided courtesy of Sebastian, who is generously letting me use them for this blog.  I don’t have too much to say, but I thought that a few readers might enjoying seeing more pictures of Starbucks in Netherlands.

Since this blog post is on the topic of store photos, and store experience, I wanted to recommend a few older blog posts that have been my very favorites on the topic of store design and experience: