Today, when I arrived home from work, I looked in my mailbox and saw a small gift bag from Japan.  Who could that be from? And then I remembered that a regular blog reader (Izumi) had come to visit Seattle this fall.  Sure enough, it was from Izumi, whom I had caught up with during her vacation earlier this year.  I was pretty touched at the thoughtfulness. It was obvious that a lot of care went into it.  To be honest, I think it’s much easier to give gifts in life rather than to receive them.  The problem with getting gifts is that I find myself at a loss for the right words.  I want to say more than just a simple ‘thank you.’

The little gift package of things was totally adorable.  In it, there was a 3-pack of Christmas Blend Coffee Essence (this is what Via Ready Brew is called in Japan) shaped like a red cup.  I really thought the cute little Starbucks snowman pin (the kind you might wear on a green apron or lapel) was too cute.  Notice that there was a some sort of little pamphlet which described one of the current holiday beverages in Starbucks Japan as the Crushed Marron Pie Latte or Crushed Marron Pie Frappucino.  I have a tough time imagining what that tastes like, but I notice that Starbucks Japan gets the most creative Frappuccino beverages! (Click onto all of the photos to make them larger.)

DSC00197 - Starbucks Snowman Pin - 3 pack of Via and pamphlet - 26 Dec 2013 copyI loved that in Starbucks Japan, you can buy an actual Starbucks Christmas Card which includes a brown envelop for mailing.  The inside is blank for your personal message.  Izumi filled it with kind words!  She says she reads this blog all the time!

DSC00205 Starbucks Japan Card and EnvelopDSC00206 Starbucks Japan Card and EnvelopThere was a large flyer which unfolded into a brochure featuring the full lineup of Starbucks Japan 2013 holiday gifts.  Notice that it looks like they have many more tumblers than we do here!  I also think it’s interesting that they appear to have some sort of Advent Calendar Christmas Tree!

DSC00210 Create Wonder Share Joy PamphletDSC00214 Close Up Christmas Tree CalendarDSC00217 Wonder of the Season in your home - Starbucks Japan 2013I just wanted to say a big thank you to Izumi.  Hope you enjoy this tiny glimpse of Starbucks Japan holiday offerings too.