I’m super excited about Huxley Mouse (Starbucks Holiday 2010)

Huxley Mouse is part of the Holiday 2010 collection at Starbucks and it’s an adorable plush mouse.  It’s been released in Canada already, and will soon be available in the U.S. too, later this month.  There will be a few various items all Huxley Mouse themed including a little book, a tumbler and the mouse.  The cool part of the Huxley Mouse collection is that the book features an original story written by Starbucks partners (Starbucks calls their employees “partners”) and emphasizing the importance of sharing and caring during the holiday season.  The illustrations in the book are partner-created too.  I think we are right around the corner from the launch of all the holiday 2010 merchandise and beverages, so I thought I would share something that jumped out to me as especially heart warming.  I can’t wait to buy this.  I have heard that the little book that goes with the Huxley Mouse is not available in Canada, and is a U.S. only item, though I’m not totally positive.

Many thank yous to the anonymous partners who helped me with this blog post.  Four different partners helped me with the content, and 3 in Canada sent me some nice pictures of the Holiday 2010 lineup in Canada.  I realize that since Holiday has already been launched internationally (Japan, Canada, and I think UK launches this week) that literally millions of people have already seen photos of the Holiday 2010 lineup, but I thought it would be fun to take a look here at StarbucksMelody.com too.

It was back in June this year I asked my readers what Christmas merchandise did they want to see this year at Starbucks?  That blog post is here.  I’m sure that lots of people are excited for the return of Christmas Blend (as I am too), and holiday cups and tumblers too.  I don’t know if there will be a nice plush bearista bear included in the Holiday 2010 collection but it seems like it would fit.

One thing that is funny about this Holiday roll out is that the actual signage and marketing itself doesn’t look all that warm and cozy and festive to me.  Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this year’s Christmas at Starbucks.  I genuinely think the Huxley Mouse is cute, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.  As always, I’m looking forward to Christmas Blend, and this year I’m even impressed by Christmas Blend Via.  The Holiday lineup of beverages is back, and now I can start asking for Gingerbread sauce in my oatmeal! That is a great addition to oatmeal, and asking for dark cherry earlier this year was only a weak substitution.  There’s been lots of gossip surrounding the return of the Caramel Brulee Latte this year, and that’s one more welcome addition to Holiday 2010.

Enjoy the pictures! And thank you again to the partners who helped me put together this blog post.

This is an open thread. Feel free to talk about anything Starbucks-related, or this cute little mouse.

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  • Melody

    @Hallie – I would love to see a photo of your mouse with the book upside down! Can you use twitpic.com to show it off? Sounds sort of adorable.
    @Donna – Report back on the Joy tea! To be honest I haven’t bought this year’s bearista bear yet. I feel like I have too many of them!

  • tim sandor

    I ready the book and i must say i was excited. it is the cutest story. as an ex english teacher and young readers book enthusiast this is a must read for eeveryone. where can you find a kids book that you will read again and again that is hardcover for 6.95?

  • Ethan Johnson

    Find out more about The Mouse Writer book and the author, me, in this article and podcast.

  • Melody

    @Tim Sandor – I didn’t realize you are an ex English teacher. Yes it is a charming book. Thanks for the comment!
    @Ethan Johnson – Thanks for dropping by! Are you at the SSC? I would love to hear more about how your story turned into a book in the stores! Are you still a partner? Hope you will check out other areas of this blog too.

  • Tim Sandor

    Yes I am a former english teacher. got burnt out and work solely in medical collections now. thought you would get a kick out of that. It is an awesome book. Even picked up my tumbler today as well. Wish your job brought you to my end of the world. Maybe one day I will get to where you are. and I can buy you a cup of coffee.

  • Anne-Sophie

    I everyone,

    I’m living in central Paris, In France and we do not have yet those cute little mices.
    Is there a way to buy them?
    Love from snowing Paris!

  • Shareen

    Heard anything about a Huxley starbucks card? That would be super cute!

  • Melody

    @Shareen – Oh my gosh that would’ve been super cute for THIS Christmas season! Probably it won’t happen now that the Huxley merchandise won’t be in the stores much longer, but I like your idea. I would have gladly got a few of the cards as gift cards and to collect. I don’t think they knew how popular Huxley would really be! And welcome to the blog! Hope you will be back soon – Check out the Facebook fanpage too. :)

  • Hallie

    @Melody, it’s been posted on twitpic, and I even @replied you!

  • Melody

    Hallie – My bad! I did see that twitpic! Nigel is priceless. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you. http://twitpic.com/3i8j0u It’s no excuse but I’m a little overwhelmed at times. I’m glad you came back here and tapped my shoulder and said, “look look”. Thank you my friend! I realize I say this a lot, but thank you for being a blog reader!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Gwen

    I want Huxley mugs! BEFORE Christmas. I bought the last one at my Starbucks at Burnt Mills (Silver Spring), Maryland. Now I need to find TWO more! HELP! Meantime, I’ve fallen in love with the book, the plush Huxley, and YES, I would buy HUXLEY STARBUCKS GIFT CARDS IF THERE WERE SUCH A THING!

  • anthony

    yea i love this cue little thing i bought this for my girlfriend this year for christmas

  • Maria

    I just bought one. Last one in Starbucks here. It’s so cute, so he came home and has a home for Christmas :)

  • Melody

    Hi Maria! Welcome to the blog! Where are you from? I knew, from the moment that I saw the Huxley Mouse picture in a partner workbook (yes I had a chance to peak at that), I knew that was it. It was going to be a hit this Christmas more than Espresso Roast Christmas Blend, … It was so real and shows passion. Glad you got one! Mine sits warmly in my office facing my desk. Hope you will poke around the rest of the blog and the Facebook page too.

  • kristie

    Hi there! Just came across your blog as I am searching frantically for anything Huxley from Starbucks- it is sold out everywhere here in Canada and I’ve had relatives searching everywhere as well as online- my son’s name is Huxley and I would LOVE to have any of this – if anyone is done with theirs or if it’s collecting dust or not being used or if someone just wants to be kind :) Please email me and I will pay good money for them as I think this is the only time my son will ever have anything with his name on it!!! I was so excited when I heard about the mouse and ran down to get one and couldn’t find one anywhere :(

  • Kristie

    Also they never even SOLD the book in Canada and I’m so sad about it- I’m making pleas everywhere that someone will be kind and help me and my little man Huxley :)

  • Melody

    It’s been too long since I replied in this thread. I apologize for the delay. @Gwen – Welcome to the blog! Your comment is wonderful. At least the headquarters knows they could have sold more of these cute mice. @kristie – Welcome! There are almost no actual Huxley Mouse left in downtown Seattle, but I’ve seen a number of the books still. Do you want me to send you a book?

  • Naaz

    Hi Everyone:
    I am looking to purchase the Mouse writer “Plush Mouse” can you tell me where I can get a hold of one or two of these? Please anyone, any ideas?

  • Melody

    @Naaz – I noticed that the Olive Way Starbucks in Seattle still had a supply of Huxley Mouse and the books. I think a few Starbucks here in Seattle still have the mouse and book. Where are you located Naaz? I actually have a small list of things I need to mail, but maybe I could send you a mouse and you send me a gift card with a little money on it? I’m thinking outloud here.

  • Naaz

    Dear Melody:
    Thank you so very much getting back to me. I live in Northern California, to be exact in San Rafael. Looked all over for this little mouse no one has it here. Can you tell me how can we arrange this so I can get 2 of those little guys? If it is not too much trouble for you? Thanks a million

  • Melody

    @Naaz – It seems so weird that you’re not that far away yet the stores have run out of everything. I _think_ there are a few stores here that still have Huxley Mouse. I will look today. Did you want the book and the mouse or just the mouse? Please send me an email to Melody@StarbucksMelody.com and include your mailing information. Thanks!

  • dennis

    I think huxley mouse is a graet toy and that everyone should have him.

  • Naaz

    Hi Melody:
    How are yu? I have been waiting to hear back from you regarding The Huxley Mouse. Left yu my cell number but never heard anything back,. Do you still have the little mouse? If so I am still interested, looked every where, no luck, even called the corporate they sure weren’t any help either. So let me know dear if you have found it yet. Thank you so much

  • Melody

    Hello Naaz, I’m sorry we didn’t connect. I honestly don’t recall seeing an email with details to get you a Huxley Mouse, and I definitely don’t recall an email with a phone number. I normally don’t do a lot of phone calls, but rather I usually I exchange emails. I’m really sorry, I can’t help you – all the Huxley merchandise is now gone. I strongly recommend using ebay. It’s amazing what can be foubd on ebay. That would be your best bet at this point. Best of luck, Melody.

  • gerald dowling

    I had the pleasure of the big red chair just outside your Starbucks store in Columbiana mall in Columbia,S.C. this past Christmas season, and must say that Starbucks increased my Christmas Spirit this year. Your manager, staff, and patrons stayed happy when others were frowning, and I must have spent a million dollars, on two to three meals a day, Christmas presents, books, and yes one little mouse who sits and watches me write each day. I heard that a disgruntled mall customer even took pictures of me inside Starbucks and sent it to the mall Mgt. I know Santa goes into strange places and with the company of strange coffee drinking people I had a good time, even if I nodded off from time to time in the big leather chairs just inside the door. Thanks for putting up with ole Santa Claus in Columbia, South Carolina this year. Santa

  • gail e

    Curious is they are continuing any Huxley stories. I travel and have taken Huxley with me on trips. Taking ohotos of him in various places and people love it. Interested to know if SB would be interested in adding to the series with the photos I took..

    BTW I love Huxley. When I am not on vacatino he is my work companion and mascot.

  • Melody

    Welcome gail e! I have a good friend that takes a stuffed animal with her on her travels, and it pops up in her pics! I suspect that Huxley Mouse was a one time seasonal idea, but we will see. I don’t really know.
    Just as an aside, I hope you’ll consider using the Amazon.com widget if you have some book shopping to do or were planning on buying Howard Schultz’s (CEO of Starbucks) new book called “Onward.” It’s a very tiny way to support this blog.

  • Diane Cooper

    Desperately seeking Huxley!!! We purchase the Huxley plush mouse, tumbler and book for my six year old daugther Claudia for Christmas. Since December, Huxley has been everywhere with us, including bed, each evening. We just lost Huxley on a trip to Tortola and I’ve done everything to replace him – ebay, craigslist, etc. I’m hoping to bring Huxley home and make everyone happier in our family. Please help a desperate mother!

  • denise r

    @Diane Cooper: don’t know who you are so….am wondering: if you truly NEED another Huxley, I would be totally willing to send the one I bought at Christmas to you. He still has his tags on etc. This would somehow have to go thru Melody, obviously….. and I’d like to somehow be reassured (and I don’t know how that happens) that you are sincere, etc. If it works out, I can send it to you…..not a big deal for me. Maybe you can email Melody about this???? (I’m in Chicago)

  • gail e

    Denise r,
    you are so kind to do that for this woman.. I love my little guy.. I collect stuff animals. I lost one of the last Starbucks animals I got. A few y ears ago they had jungle animals. Ilost the little moneky cause I had him at work. I decided to just keep Huxley at home until we go away again…Did not realize how hugely popular he was with people. I love starbucks and have alot of merch from them. Mostly the dog you see in different outfits thoughout the year. Oh and i love the cups. I get those when I go to other places outside NY area.

  • denise r

    @gail e: cute pics!!!!!

  • Melody

    @gail e – those are great pics! Love Huxley on the beach!!!



  • Debra

    I want to know if Huxley the mouse will be back this Christmas!

  • Melody

    @Debra – I haven’t heard anything about Huxley coming back. :-( I know a few of the items that are coming soon, but I am not totally in the know about everything coming for this Christmas season. I’d like to see him back too.

    Please “like” the blog’s facebook page while you’re here and come back soon!


    Thanks for dropping by. ~Melody

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