For the wine drinkers of this blog, I present to you Starbucks wine glasses.  Since one doesn’t normally find wine glasses at Starbucks, I thought I’d show these off because perhaps many customers and partners have never seen these merchandise items.  Starbucks sells two different kinds of wine glasses and there are only three stores where wine glasses may be purchased.  The three stores are Olive Way Starbucks, Roy Street Coffee and Tea, and the Starbucks on 15th Avenue (also previously known as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea).


Stemless wine glass – The Starbucks branded stemless wine glass is available for sale at the Olive Way Starbucks store, which has a complete beer and wine bar.  As far as I know, that Starbucks is the only Starbucks anywhere selling this particular unique wine glass.  The retail price of this wine glass is $6.95.  And sure enough you can buy a glass of wine while you are there too.  I’ve never double checked if what would happen if you asked for a cup discount on your glass of wine with your wine glass.  If anyone knows, please weigh in.

A wine glass with a stem and with a Siren on it – This style of wine glass is in use at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, and Roy Street Coffee and Tea.  It is a little harder to come by as a retail merchandise item, because I believe they are purchased for store use only, and I have not seen them out on the merchandise shelves.  I assume that Olive Way has this glass too, but I could be wrong.  I purchased this wine glass at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.  By the way, I think this looks really elegant to have just the beautiful Siren on the wine glass – That is the version of the Siren found on the green splash-sticks too.


Maybe some day Starbucks will produce some wine glasses with the new logo on it? That would be perfect!

This is an open thread.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and join in the conversation.