Here are the Starbucks wine glasses you’ve always wanted.

For the wine drinkers of this blog, I present to you Starbucks wine glasses.  Since one doesn’t normally find wine glasses at Starbucks, I thought I’d show these off because perhaps many customers and partners have never seen these merchandise items.  Starbucks sells two different kinds of wine glasses and there are only three stores where wine glasses may be purchased.  The three stores are Olive Way Starbucks, Roy Street Coffee and Tea, and the Starbucks on 15th Avenue (also previously known as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea).


Stemless wine glass – The Starbucks branded stemless wine glass is available for sale at the Olive Way Starbucks store, which has a complete beer and wine bar.  As far as I know, that Starbucks is the only Starbucks anywhere selling this particular unique wine glass.  The retail price of this wine glass is $6.95.  And sure enough you can buy a glass of wine while you are there too.  I’ve never double checked if what would happen if you asked for a cup discount on your glass of wine with your wine glass.  If anyone knows, please weigh in.

A wine glass with a stem and with a Siren on it – This style of wine glass is in use at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, and Roy Street Coffee and Tea.  It is a little harder to come by as a retail merchandise item, because I believe they are purchased for store use only, and I have not seen them out on the merchandise shelves.  I assume that Olive Way has this glass too, but I could be wrong.  I purchased this wine glass at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.  By the way, I think this looks really elegant to have just the beautiful Siren on the wine glass – That is the version of the Siren found on the green splash-sticks too.


Maybe some day Starbucks will produce some wine glasses with the new logo on it? That would be perfect!

This is an open thread.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and join in the conversation.

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  • Nob

    OMG! Siren wine glass!!
    I have to buy that next time. Hmmm.

  • Jacob

    Re: cup discount on wine: Why, just say yes, of course!! 😉

  • Judy

    Another reason they removed “coffee” from their name! I sure hope alcohol sales do not come to any Starbucks I frequent – One of the major reasons I am very comfortable in a “coffee shop” is that I do not like the atmosphere in a “bar”

  • Nob

    Excuse me, you are Jacob from Roy st coffee & Tea?

  • purple1

    I realize that wine is only sold in a few SB locations, but I would think they would distribute the wine glasses at all the stores. Certainly, from a marketing perspective would you not think that people might purchase wine glasses if there is not wine being sold at that SB location? Also, BTW Melody my local SB is still selling the Huxley Bear and books. This am I saw at least 4 bears and several books.

  • Melody

    @Jacob – It makes me wonder if there are very many cup discounts on wine! LOL
    @Nob – Hi there! The Jacob in this thread is definitely not the Jacob (SM) from Roy Street. The Jacob in this thread is far far far away from Seattle.
    @Purple1 – Oh I don’t think wine glasses would work as a general merchandise item. They don’t make sense for the stores that don’t have wine, and I can see them getting broken easily too. I’m surprised you still have Huxley Mice! You could snatch them up and sell them on ebay.

  • Nick

    I love this! I wish we had these in New York! The more I read your blog, the more I wish there were these interesting things happening in New York too! I guess I’ll just have to go to Seattle one day.

  • Nob

    Thank you. Where is it? “far far far away from Seattle.”
    I use the wine glass for VIA container, because I don’t drink alcohol.

    Nice to meet you.

  • Melody

    Hi Nob! That would be fun to do flavored Via over ice in the stemless wine glass. I _think_ Jacob is from Wisconsin, which I guess, in my perception, is actually “far far far away from Seattle.” LOL

  • denise r

    Well, I’ve poured myself a (2nd) cup of Casi Cielo and am joining the conversation;)

    I guess I’m pretty much a purist at heart, especially about Sbux. I never liked (not that it matters) the whole wine idea for them and, beautiful as they may be, I don’t really ??? like to see the siren or Sbux on wine glasses. I’m really not sure…. I do think the siren one looks a reallllllly lot like a seahorse, until you look very closely…, altho pretty, that seems wrong. Having said all that, I’m sure if I came upon them in a store, I’d buy a pair of either style…….since I’m learning everyday how rapidly things disappear and one day we wish them back.

    @Purple1 and @Melody: the idea that a store still has the Huxley mouse out NOW (and the books) tells me how far away they are from Valentine’s day things. Altho I’ve seen no mice around here since December, and they sold out rapidly in most places. But, as I’ve mentioned before, my store..and others around here…..have the Valentine’s Bearista bear ! (as do I, of course) out in a basket but they are not very visible at all. almost hidden. Then there’s the couple of Valentine cups and the “short” sz (8oz) red tumbler with little hearts, and of course the gift cards, but that’s about it. Looks very bleek….. VIA everywhere. I would SO SO SO have RED popping out all over the stores if I had any say. thinking of that: they make a VIA chocolate bar, and can’t come up with one at least in a special wrapping for Valentine’s day. ??? crazy.

  • Nob

    Melody, thank you again.
    So, Japan is far far far far far away from Seattle.
    Correct? LOL

  • purple1

    Melody- I am not totally in agreement re putting out the wine glasses in nonwine SB stores. I realize it would seem strange with not serving wine, however, pottery barn, williams sonoma and those stores and others sell wine glasses without wine being sold. I am sure if placed properly they would not break.
    Denise R- My SB store has some Huxley mice and books and also have the Valentine’s Bears. I agree the display and design of the store needs improvement.

  • markdavid

    Nice to see these! They look nice, however i don’t really see the point in Starbucks wine glasses, very weird. Nice collectors item though but for some reason i don’t see myself wanting to get theses. lol :)

  • Diele

    Have them try to ring the book in. It will ring in that is has to be marked out if it is a company-operated store. My store donated ours awhile ago.

  • Tobias Fornell

    I like the fact that they chose to brand them with the unique, not-oft seen siren rather than the tradional circle logo, be it of any generation.

  • Tobias Fornell


  • Andrew

    Mel, I like this idea, surprisingly. Even as a traditionalist, I don’t mind Starbucks selling wine and wine glasses – it adds to that European cafe-culture feel that I so desperately want Starbucks to hold on to.

    But, if they decide to sell these glasses in drug stores and supermarkets, I will then have to rethink my position.

    Nice post!

  • purple1

    Interesting thought that SB would branch out and sell the wine glasses outside of the stores. I just can’t imagine marketing people at SB doing that. I could see the wine glasses put in their online store for purchase. BTW are these wine glasses available at the partner store?

  • Pencil to Paper

    I absolutely love these! I wonder if they’ll turn up for sale online for those of us enthusiasts who don’t live remotely close to these locations that sell wine and beer! I would adore a set of these. I must have at least one! Maybe I’ll be able to take a trip to Seattle one day. I’d love to do that anyway! :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! They’re lovely!

  • Coolwatyr

    I think the siren glassware is tastefully simple. I would be inclined to pick up a couple if I were closer to a store that had them.

    I hope that Starbucks stores remain a safe, comfortable place to sit alone or with friends. Whether that includes wine & beer or just coffee. When I have friends over for dinner, wine is often part of the evening – as is coffee or tea after dinner. For me – I think of mixed drinks & harder alchohol as more if a “bar” atmosphere.

    Thanks for sharing Melody!

  • Melody

    @coolwatyr – I hear you. I think that alcohol would only work in a small number of Starbucks. Though my hunch is that these black label stores (15th Avenue Coffee and Olive Way) will be expanded. Cities like SF, NYC, and maybe a few other places (Austin?) could work for such a store. My gut says they will spread.

  • Coolwatyr

    Melody ~ I can definately see it working in larger markets. I wish that Starbucks considered Arizona a larger market. There are certianly plenty of Starbucks stores here.

    Does anyone have any clue as to the criteria used to determine where to locate reserve stores? I can’t help but wonder if the same criteria might be used for wine & beer stores.

  • purple1

    I am looking forward to the new direction that SB might take in March. Re opening some new wine/coffee stores, I think it for sure has to be in the right market to work. I enjoy relaxing at my local SB and chatting with friends and certainly do not want it to turn into a loud barlike atomosphere. However, I have gone to some very sophisticated wine bars and it has been pleasant to sit there and relax. Melody, at the SB stores that sell wine can you determine if there is more wine sold after 5 pm until closing or later than that? Is less coffee sold because of the wine? I can’t remember if you have ever mentioned that.

  • Robyn

    These are pretty neat looking. I’d definitely buy one if I could.

    As far as I know, Reserve stores are picked by how much whole bean sale they do. We just had a store in my district(although I’m from WI, so its a couple hours away!) receive Reserve coffees because of their crazy Christmas blend sales this past year. I don’t know if its like that everywhere, and I really don’t know how they determine stores to sell wine&beer.

  • Sebastian

    I got the second one…thanks to Mel and to Nob. 😀

    And I have already used it…not for wine, but for Coke.

  • Skooter McGoo

    I just bought a bottle of Bull’s Blood, a Hungarian wine my coworker friend told me about for the Superbowl party tomorrow and here you do a vino post, sort of. If I visit Seattle I will have to pick up a set. I never really thought about them doing this type of retail. Thanks for the info.

  • Chgo.

    After reading Denise’s comment. and looking at the glasses, the Siren does look a bit like a Seahorse. Since it looks exactly like the image on the splash sticks, you have to take a really hard look at the splash stick’s just to make out what your looking at. When I look at it, I really have to focus to make out the Siren.

  • Melody

    @Chgo and @DeniseR – Maybe after a few glasses of wine she will look like a seahorse, but all I can see is a Siren. 😉

  • denise r

    @Melody and @ Chgo: ha! it must be regional;) I really see a seahorse, no kidding. Of course, I can MAKE it into the siren, but I see a seahorse.

    re: branching out etc. I feel SURE we have many stores here in the Chgo area that would support Clover’s…and they haven’t expanded that yet. (2 stores in the whole area???) I would much rather see them add those to more places than wine.

  • Chgo.

    @ Denise – Not to dismiss this subject matter of the glasses, but we do deserve more than 2 Clover Machines. As I posted on msi awhile back, I ran into what I like to call – “One of my ORIGINAL BARISTA’S” who was training others at Streets of Wf. She gave me the impression that they would be expanding w/ more Clovers here in Chicago! The question was when? It made sense at the time because they weren’t training for the Streets Store. So why would they be training them? I also thought they were training for a 3rd store. So far are 2 stores are: Streets of Woodfield and Pipers Alley – correct? I don’t know why the Orland Pk. area come to mind for the 3rd, but i may be confusing myself with something else.

    @ Melody – After a few glasses of wine? Indeed! Anything and anybody could look like a Siren, or anything else for that matter!

  • denise r

    @chgo: yes, only ‘Streets’ and ‘Piper’s Alley’. That’s all I’ve heard of. as C.D. once mentioned, the Oak Pk store at Harlem & Lake would SURELY without a doubt support a Clover or two……just to name one place.

  • Pencil to Paper

    @Melody, I can also see Dallas and/or Ft. Worth as being a good candidate for those kind of stores. But I’m with you, I imagine they’ll spread either way.

  • French Bean

    This is honestly just so cool. I wonder what my French friends would think if I told them Starbucks sold wine glasses? Hmmm…

  • Dustin

    I LOVE the wine glass I purchased at Olive Way.
    The only down-side I have found to using a stemless glass, is in the holding of the glass itself.
    If one holds it for too long, the wine warms up quite quickly. I am not sure about others, but I need to have a cool glass of wine. Room temperature just isn’t as nice!

  • Melody

    @Dustin – I didn’t think of that. Makes sense! Your body heat from your hands warms up the wine fast with the stemless glass! Interesting.

  • Stefanie D

    Love the wine glasses. I hope they bring wine to my local Starbucks soon. I do agree about the break-ability issue. Awhile ago, I was telling an exciting story to some work colleagues while in line, and I knocked over a display. It was crazy embarrassing. They were strong mugs, so I only broke a couple, but the people there were super super nice about it. I’ll have to restrain the hand gestures quite a bit if they start selling wine glasses :)

  • Melody

    Hi StefanieD! That is a great story! Wow, I’d be super embarrassed too, but I bet all kinds of crazy things happen with the merch walls. Thanks for dropping by the blog. You might be a little dangerous to meet for coffee at Olive Way (where these wine glasses are) but I’ll join you for coffee elsewhere. 😉

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