I was at my local Starbucks yesterday, and saw a remarkable tumbler on the shelves.  It was unique enough to write about as its own blog article.  This tumbler retails for $39.95.  Out of the $39.95, Starbucks gives $5.00 to HandsOnNetwork.  I have always thought that this is a fabulous partnership! HandsOnNetwork is a non-profit designed to facilitate community service and volunteering.  If you want to follow HandsOnNetwork.org on Twitter, click here.  And on a related topic, Starbucks has recently revamped their community service website.  The new version has both a partner and a customer log-in, and the new page is easy to search for community service projects.

The tumbler is hand-dipped in a white gold glaze, and is a very limited edition item.  The signage says ‘while supplies last‘ and from what I know, many stores received just a few of these.

So did anyone buy one?  I admit, I bought one right away.  Just think it is perfect to add to my collection.  What do you think of this, and would you spend $39.95 on a tumbler?