Looking for infant Starbucks logo shirts? December 2012 Coffee Gear Store update.

It has been a while since I’ve featured what’s new at the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.  I dropped by the Coffee Gear store today, and was surprised to see a small selection of Starbucks logo shirts for infants!  That’s truly for the hip and stylin’ little baby!

For new readers, let me recap what the Coffee Gear store is.  On March 8, 2011, the Starbucks Coffee Gear store opened up in its current location inside the Starbucks headquarters, and for the first time, opened to the general public.  You do not have to be a partner to go shopping for Starbucks logo merchandise at the one physical Coffee Gear store location.  There was indeed a Coffee Gear store before March 8, 2011, however it was open only to partners (or customers would have to be escorted in with a partner to gain access to the store).

The Coffee Gear store is located at the Starbucks headquarters:

Starbucks Coffee Gear Store
2401 Utah Avenue South, 8th floor
Seattle, WA 98134

The store is open Monday through Friday, normal business hours.  It’s closed on holidays and whenever the Starbucks headquarters is closed.

I know that I have a few readers who have actually taken a trip to this store; and I am sure I must have a few readers who have a visit to this store on their “to do” list when vacationing in Seattle!  The online Starbucks Coffee Gear store is open only to partners.   In short, the one physical store in Seattle is open to the general public, and the online store is for Starbucks employees only.

The merchandise available at this store is ever-changing, so I thoroughly enjoy dropping by and seeing what’s new!  In addition to the new little infant tops, there are also little baby blankets!

When it comes to new items, I have to admit that I thought this big and sturdy Starbucks mug (made especially for the coffee gear store) looked awesome!  It looks like you could enjoy a bowl of soup out of it:

And John (the very nice guy who runs the store!) mentioned that these new travel bags are very popular:

  The travel bags actually come in four colors: Orange, black, royal blue, and the pastel green.  I should have taken a photo of all the colors, but you can see two of them.  All four of them looked like they’d be fun to tote around, but the pastel green was my least favorite.  (Though I hear that’s a big seller!)

Other new items included a wine tote, and a photo album book.  I took a picture of a Starbucks rucksack too – I think it’s been around for a few months, but I haven’t mentioned it previously.

I get a kick of the logo merchandise at this store!  What would you want to see this store carry?  By the way, once in a while a few of the items in this store show up on the StarbucksStore.com gear page – that’s one more option for finding logo Starbucks gear.


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  • Sebastian

    There are so many awesome things at this store! Would definetely get the travel bag and the Mug. But why is there an umbrella on the mugs?

    This company store reminds me of the one on the Apple Computer Campus in Cupertino. They have so much cool stuff as well and the things sell for very good money on Ebay, too. Especially on foreign Ebay platforms in the UK, Germany etc.

  • denise r

    All cool stuff…….I know I would LOVE this place, and spend too much money!

  • DadCooks

    Interesting stuff.

    The Starbucks Coffee Gear Store is one of those “secret” places in Seattle that is a must see,

    @Melody – idea for a blog post for you: “Melody’s Guide to Seattle’s Best Places for The Coffee Lover”. More than just Starbucks, include some of your restaurant favorites and shopping favorites.

    Remember to join hands shout “Happy New Year” as we all are pushed over the “cliff” 😉

    (Note: “cliff” mentioned in jest and not to provoke a political discussion, let’s keep a good humor and “come together”r :-) )

  • purple1

    I too enjoy seeing how the coffee gear store expands their inventory. Very nice. Now all they have to do is set up regional stores throughout the country! Dad Cooks love your idea to Melody for a blog post. Happy happy new year to all!

  • Melody

    @Sebastian – You are right about this store being like other headquarters that have ‘gear stores’! It’s a common thing that people like these unique gear stores. I wonder if there are a bunch of Apple fans who really want to go to the Apple store on their headquarters.

    @DadCooks – That might be a good idea. I am trying to come up with blog articles right now. I don’t feel like I have a lot to write about. On MSI, I saw that “another8” suggested I do a poll in conjunction with beverages rung separately, and I’ve been thinking about how I could do that.

    @purple1 – I love their merch, though I’d like to see them do a little more with classic Starbucks images – like the stamp images. Can you imagine a small gift pack of cards with coffee stamp images on them? (That sounds like an idea that “cuppajoe” on MSI would make, for the MSI readers).

  • Purple1

    Melody the coffee stamp product idea is a great one and I also know people that would collect merchandise with the old logo on it. It still would be nice to have these coffee gear stores in different parts of the country.

  • DadCooks

    @Melody – WordPress can use Polldaddy to create polls. The free account is limited, but might fit your needs for a trial.

  • DadCooks

    @Melody – too quick on the submit button. Meant to also include the link to WordPress Support – Polls.

  • amy in boston

    All very cool stuff I would definitely visit on vacation :-)

  • Caley

    The baby blankets and tshirts are so cute! It seems that those may only be available in the actual store though. I went to the partner website and regular coffee gear website and couldn’t find them. Bummer!

  • Melody

    Caley I didn’t realize that! Thanks for checking and commenting. Welcome to my little blog!

    I’m thinking I do need to do another “top 10” vacation ideas in Seattle soon – It would include the Coffee Gear Store and the Tazo store too.

  • LatteRose

    Hmm, I definitely have to make a trip down to that store! I’d definitely pick up the umbrella mug.
    (And Melody, I do like DadCooks idea!)

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