Recently, a reader in Istanbul emailed me with some great photos of the lobby area of a Starbucks. It is connected to the Taxim Hotel and the address is Siraselviler Cad. No: 5, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey. The photos show off such a large and interesting lobby that I thought my readers would enjoy seeing it too. (I wish I had even more photos of this store!). I also thoroughly enjoy the Istanbul city scene image that the reader sent!

Enjoy! (And I love receiving your story ideas, emails and photos! Use the contact form to reach me. Due to the volume of emails received, I apologize but cannot promise to use every idea or photos sent my way.)

2 - 1 - photo 1 copy 2 Stairs and lobby2 - 1 - photo 2 logo wall2 - 1 - photo 3 copy Coffee belt2 - 1- -photo 3 copy.jpg Istanbul2 - 1 - photo 2 front entrance istanbul starbucks2 - 1 - photo 3 copy 2.jpg Istanbul Starbucks2 - 1 - photo 1 - Istanbul starbucks