Starbucks in Sofia, Bulgaria: The 5th store.

Starbucks operates in 65 countries around the world! In Bulgaria, Starbucks operates only five stores, with the most recently opened in Sofia. It’s the fourth store in the city of Sofia, and the fifth in Bulgaria. This most recent store had its grand opening on July 11, 2014, and the store is nicknamed “Paradise” because it’s located inside of a shopping center called “Mall Paradise.” A regular reader (who is also a partner) sent me her photos from the opening day.

By the way, I was happy to see a great “smell” photo included. I’ve occasionally thought it would be fun to do an article of nothing but compiled “smell” pictures. If you have a pic that you want considered for this blog, please email me at Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com, or use the “contact me” form to reach me. Do to the volume of emails received, I apologize but I can’t promise that every one will be answered.

Enjoy the pictures from the grand opening of Paradise Starbucks in Sofia, Bulgaria!

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  • purple1

    Looks nice! Found it interesting the signs are in English. Nice crowd of customers.

  • Melody

    @Purple – I notice some of the same: Everyone looks so relaxed in those photos. Not a care in the world!

  • Claire

    Love the pictures! I’ve seen that Art of Espresso picture before! We need to get one in some of our stores. I think it’s interesting that they still have the old packaging for some coffees but Ethiopia is new. Wonder when (or if) they’ll move to all of the new packaging.

    That outside seating area looks lovely! I wanna vacation in Bulgaria now that I’ve seen these pictures.

  • Jakub

    Well, as I noticed, when I was in Burgas store in Bulgaria only the menu boards were in english (latin alphabet), the rest was in Cyrilic alphabet – all the ‘hand made’ boards, cup markings – including my name!
    The upside is, that this store is at least well stocked. When I was there in July, they still had Christmas merchandise on sale.

  • kalervo

    Hey Claire! I believe most European stores will have the old packaging as long as it lasts and then move on to the new packaging. Because Ethiopia was launched last Fall with the new packaging already (as was Colombia Nariño as well early this year), it really stands out in the shelf. So far besides Ethiopia and Colombia Nariño, we have also got the new packaging for Caffè Verona and Sumatra in our store. Looking forward for more. :)

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