2 - 1 - DSC00008 the groot at 600 pine street 98101This week, the Emerald City Comic Con is happening in Seattle! Downtown Starbucks (7th and Pike, Pine Street, 600 Pine Street, Westlake Center) all want to make the weekend a little extra fun for the many convention goers in town – introducing the Groot-inspired Frappuccino! The store manager of the 7th and Pike Starbucks came up with a great Frappuccino custom recipe! I especially love the chalkboard art for it at the 600 Pine Street store!

Here’s the recipe for the Grande size: Starbucks White Mocha (coffee base) Frappuccino, add one shot of espresso, add java chips. Top off with matcha-vanilla whipped cream (standard whipped cream with one scoop of matcha added), and top off with caramel flan drizzle.

Prices may vary by region.



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