1 - 1 - Brazil Cup of Excellence coffee1  - 1 - Untitled brazil winnerRight now you can order online the limited Brazil Cup of Excellence 2014 award winning coffee from StarbucksStore.com. This Brazil Sitio Baixadao coffee is a rare, micro-lot coffee with notes of mango and chocolate. Starbucks says that they’ll be selling 500 bags of it, with a coffee roasting scheduled for June 21st.

You need to order your coffee by June 17th.

Previously, the only way a customer could purchase this Brazil Cup of Excellence winning coffee was to go to the Seattle Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room and buy it there. This coffee retails for $40 per 8 ounces.

We’re roasting this coffee in Seattle on June 21 and offering 500 bags exclusively online. Order by June 17 to receive it within days of being roasted.”

Here’s the link to order this special coffee.

Here are my tasting notes from my previous article on this coffee: try it with milk chocolate, berries, and mango.

Hope you get the chance to try this exquisite coffee!

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